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Clean up the roads as "The Neighborhood Brigade" Come up with a Brigade name and register with Curt at and beginning on the 3rd weekend of April and the third weekend until November you can bring road trash to the transfer station. Curt can also give you more info as needed.
let's clean up our roads and set an example to keep them clean.
South Berwick Well Water Testing, May 4th
On Saturday, May 4th, the South Berwick Conservation Commission will be sponsoring its annual well water testing.  Municipal water supplies are tested regularly, and your well water should be too.  Regular testing of your well water can help preserve the quality of your drinking water to ensure the health of your family.
The Conservation Commission has again teamed up with Nelson Analytical Lab, located in Kennebunk, to offer special pricing to South Berwick residents.  The testing kits are available at the South Berwick Town Hall, on the second floor.  The kits must be returned to the South Berwick Town Hall on Saturday, May 4th, between 9 AM and noon.

Special pricing is as follows: Basic test ($50), which includes total coliform, E. coli, nitrate, chloride, hardness, pH, iron, manganese and sodium.  Additional tests are available for additional fees: arsenic ($15), lead ($15), copper ($10), fluoride ($15), radon in water ($20), and radon in air ($30 for two canisters).  The radon in air test takes a few days to set up in the home; therefore the price will be honored for South Berwick residents until May 30.  You can also do a comprehensive test for $100.00.  This includes the basic test parameters plus nitrite, fluoride, copper, lead, arsenic, alkalinity and conductivity. 

For accurate test results, it is important to follow the instructions enclosed in the sample kit for the types of testing you plan to request.  For specific questions about the test kit or proper sampling, please contact Nelson Analytical Labs at (207)467-3478, or visit their website:

 For more information about collection of the kits, call 384-3300 ext 336 (South Berwick Conservation Commission voice mail), or email Pat Robinson at:

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