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Minutes Historic District Commission meeting November 14, 2016 **
Called to order 7:00 pm

Present: Dan Boyle, George Muller and Mary Vaughn

Minutes of October 3, 2016 meeting were unanimously accepted

In attendance: lvo Kresta (business owner at 10 Portland Street)

Discuss/take action on certificate of appropriateness submitted by Brad Martin

Discuss/approve HOC 2017 meeting schedule
1. Certificate of Appropriateness - Brad Martin, property located at 4 Portland Street
Motion - to approve replacement of brown asphalt shingles on the roof with Georgetown Gray shingles - APPROVED

Correspondence from Sally Zimmerman for Historic New England indicates they have no objection to the change of color to the roof.
lvo Kresta agreed with the change of color for the shingles. He has concerns on how the roofers were approaching this project as the buildings are very close and there are propane tanks located in the back of the building. He will try contacting the contractors hired through Home Depot.

2. The HOC meeting schedule for 2017
Motion - to approve the meeting dates for 2017 - APPROVED

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

Next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 5, 2016

Minutes taken by Mary Vaughn
Approved 5/8/17

** 5-11-2017 The Clerk confirmed with Mary Vaughn that the meeting date was actually November 13, 2016