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Planning Board Minutes 01/04/2012

Date: January 4, 2012
Present: John Stirling – Chairman, Bill Straub – Vice Chairman, Mimi Demers, Terrence Parker, Joel Moulton, Warren Spencer (alternate), Joe Rousselle, and Code Enforcement Officer



Chair John Stirling called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:02p.m.


Motion by Mr. Moulton second by Mrs. Demers to approve the minutes of the November 30th 2011 Planning Board meeting, as Amended. Vote: 5-0




1. MSP#09-01- Continued review of an application for a Major Site Plan to construct a Health Club and Retail or Professional Offices at 2 Pumpkin Town Rd. Applicant/Owner is Tom Howarth with a mailing address: (19 Lords Lane South Berwick, Me. 03908). Property can be identified as Map 1/ Lot 34 and Map 2/Lot 9-1 is located in the I-1 zoning district.

Lew Chamberlin from Attar engineering explained the plan which had revised entrance to the project. The entrance would be moved up by 200’ so they would only cross the stream once.

Mr. Straub questioned if the project had lapsed because of the time frame between meetings? The Board felt that it was not voted as a completed application that it would be okay.

Mr. Parker had a question on the buffer that went down to and into the CMP easement?

Mr. Chamberlin explained that they had not talked to CMP on the landscaping in the easement.

Mr. Parker asked about screening for the vehicles?

Mr. Chamberlin explained that he had not looked at the screening regulation.

Mr. Parker explained that it was only about 200’ of area.

Mr. Chamberlin would bring back to the next meeting a plan.

Mr. Parker asked about lighting.

All lighting would be shielded.

Mr. Straub asked about the sewer?

Mr. Chamberlin explained that the sewer was going to cross the wetlands to get to the main.

They have a letter of capacity from the sewer district.

Mr. Straub asked about right title to Pumpkintown Rd.

Mr. Chamberlin said that they felt they had the right to improve the road. They would get an agreement to the road if needed.

Mr. Straub asked for a cost and financial ability statement.

Mr. Chamberlin would get something drafted for the next meeting.

Mr. Chamberlin asked if that was something that could be waived.

The Board was not sure.

Mrs. Demers asked if they should send it to J T Lockman for review.

The Board wanted to send it for his review.

The Board felt that if the applicant comes back with what the Board discussed they could set a Public Hearing and then have approval.


SP#12-01 Timber Harvest Permit for Conrad & Donna Labelle 6 Mountain Rd. Map 4 Lot 24 in the R-5 zone.

Dave Parker from Parker Forestry Associates LLC – Agent for the Labelle’s gave a explanation on the timber Harvest he was going to perform.

Mrs. Demers felt that the application was very incomplete. She felt that she needed more information before she could make a decision.

Mr. Parker asked about clear cutting in the setbacks?

Mr. Rousselle explained that there are no setbacks from lot lines only the road.
Shirley Dixon spoke about the issue of clear cutting along lot lines. She lives at 4 Mountain Rd.

Mr. Stirling asked about the Public Works Director accepting the application.

Mr. Moulton asked to get a letter from Jon St. Pierre for this project.

Mr. Moulton asked about hours of operation.

Mr. D. Parker said the hours would be from 7:00A.M to 5:00P.M.

Mrs. Demers asked about the waivers. Sedimentation and erosion control measures and lot lines?

Mr. Straub asked to give a description of the map.

Dave Parker explained it to the Board.

The Board asked to get an ariel view for them to look at.

Mrs. Dixon asked if they could get a more descriptive letter when an abutters notice.

Mr. Rousselle explained that the notice only needs to say that you are being notified that the
Planning Board was reviewing an application for a permit on that particular piece of property.
If you wanted you could attend the meeting of call the Code Office and review the file.


Review of the new Timber Harvest Application.

Dave Parker felt that it was adequate and gave Mr. Rousselle some suggestions..

The Board felt that ariel’s and types of the harvest be put on the form.

Dave Parker asked to put a line that had the owner or agent sign the application and license number.

Mr. Moulton asked to have the Public Works Director sign off on the application.

The Board felt that with these additions that it would be adopted in the near future.


Mr. Rousselle explained that he had sent a letter to Mr. Heroux on his project.
Mentioned that Dave Parker was coming back next meeting for another timber harvest and he should have a better application based on tonight’s meeting
Mr. Rousselle brought up that a Mr. Paterson wanted to know if he needed to come back to the Board for an amendment to a previous plan for driveways. Mr. Paterson explained that he needed to move the driveway’s because CMP would not put them over cemeteries. This was something that was unknown to the Code Officer and the Board. After some discussion the Board agreed that the driveways were not part of the plan and it was okay to move without further review.

Mr. Straub asked the Board to send a letter to the Council to not go below the $30,000.00
that is in the budget in case the time comes to rehire the Planning Coordinator’s position.

Mrs. Demers talked about a seminar that she went to on subdivision that was very interesting. It was based on open space.

Mr. Straub concurred with her.

Mrs. Demers wanted to use JT Lockman more in the future.

The Board felt they should invite him to a meeting.

Motion by Mr. Straub, second by Mr. Moulton to adjourn the regular meeting. The meeting was adjourned without objection at 8:45 PM.

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