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Planning Board Minutes 01/18/2012

Date: January 18, 2012
Present: John Stirling – Chairman, Mimi Demers, Terrence Parker, Joel Moulton, Warren Spencer (alternate), Joe Rousselle Code Enforcement Officer

Absent: Mr. Straub


Chair John Stirling called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:02p.m.

Mr. Stirling made Mr. Spencer a regular voting member for this meeting.


Motion by Mrs. Demers second by Mr. Spencer to approve the minutes of the November 4th 2011 Planning Board meeting, as Amended. Vote: 5-0

October 5th minutes to be approved at the next meeting.




1. MSP#09-01- Continued review of an application for a Major Site Plan to construct a Health Club and Retail or Professional Offices at 2 Pumpkin Town Rd. Applicant/Owner is Tom Howarth with a mailing address: (19 Lords Lane South Berwick, Me. 03908). Property can be identified as Map 1/ Lot 34 and Map 2/Lot 9-1 is located in the I-1 zoning district.

Lew Chamberlin from Attar engineering requested to be put on the next meeting because they had not completed all the criteria for this meeting.

The Board agreed to his request.

SP#12-01 Timber Harvest Permit for Conrad & Donna Labelle 6 Mountain Rd. Map 4 Lot 24 in the R-5 zone.

Continue review of this application.

Mr. Dave Parker (forester) explained that he has the aerials for the two properties.

Mr. T. Parker asked about set backs from property lines.

Mr. D. Parker explained the different colors on the map showing the boundary of the property.

Mr. T. Parker asked about wet lands on the property.

Mr. D. Parker said that there were two areas on the lot. He had put the houses on the maps.

Mr. T. Parker asked about a buffer.

Mr. D. Parker said that the lot beside this one had cleared to the property line already.

Mr. Stirling asked if the forester had contacted the public works director.

Mr. D. Parker said that he had and the board should have an email from him.

Mr. Rousselle mentioned that it was in the packets.

Mrs. Demers asked the forester to explain how many times he would be on site.

Mr. D. Parker explained that on this job he would be on site every other day of cutting. He mentioned that once the trees were down the trucking company would do the hauling away of the trees and slash.

Mr. Moulton asked when he would be starting.

Mr. D. Parker said as soon as he got his permits. The loggers were ready to go now.

Mr. T. Parker asked if the board had gotten any more feed back from abutters.

Mr. Rousselle said that he has not heard from them.

Motion Made by Mr. Spencer seconded by Mrs. Demers to approve the SP#12-01 timber harvest application for Labelle with the additional maps and info presented at this meeting. Voted 5-0


SP#12-02 Timber Harvest Permit for Stephen Morton 28 Mountain Rd. Map 4 Lot 56-A in the R-5 zone.

Mr. Stirling asked the forester how far apart the two lots are.

Dave Parker from Parker Forestry Associates LLC – Agent for the Morton’s gave an explanation on the timber harvest he was going to perform. He said the lots abut each other.

Mrs. Demers asked about the State notification notice that was in the packet.
Mr. Rousselle explained that it was what the town gets when somebody does timber harvesting with a permit. He said that he put it in the packet because he had gotten it before they went out to the board members. It goes in the file as a record when he gets them.

The Board said that it was nice to see one and if possible they get to see them when they come in.

Mr. Rousselle said he would make sure that it would be in their packets.

Mr. T. Parker asked if he was clearing the whole site.

Mr. D. Parker said it would be thinned out not clear cut.

Mr. Stirling asked if there was an entrance to the site.

Mr. D. parker explained that he would need to make one and had discussed it with public works.

Mrs. Demers felt that the application was very incomplete. She felt that she needed more information before she could make a decision. She could not make out were the stream was.

Mr. Stirling asked about wetlands.

Mr. D. Parker explain where they were.

Mrs. Demers asked for an aerial.

Mr. T. Parker asked about USGS maps.

Motion Made by Mr. Spencer seconded by Mr. Moulton to approve SP#12-02 as presented. Vote 5-0


Review of the new Timber Harvest Application.

Dave Parker felt that it was adequate and gave Mr. Rousselle some suggestions..

The Board felt that ariel’s and types of the harvest be put on the form.

Dave Parker asked to put a line that had the owner or agent sign the application and license number.

Mr. Moulton asked to have the Public Works Director sign off on the application.

The Board felt that with these additions that it would be adopted in the near future.


Mr. Rousselle explained that he had sent a letter to Mr. Heroux on his project.
Mentioned that Dave Parker was coming back next meeting for another timber harvest and he should have a better application based on tonight’s meeting
Mr. Rousselle brought up that a Mr. Paterson wanted to know if he needed to come back to the Board for an amendment to a previous plan for driveways. Mr. Paterson explained that he needed to move the driveway’s because CMP would not put them over cemeteries. This was something that was unknown to the Code Officer and the Board. After some discussion the Board agreed that the driveways were not part of the plan and it was okay to move without further review.

Mr. Straub asked the Board to send a letter to the Council to not go below the $30,000.00
that is in the budget in case the time comes to rehire the Planning Coordinator’s position.

Mrs. Demers talked about a seminar that she went to on subdivision that was very interesting. It was based on open space.

Mr. Straub concurred with her.

Mrs. Demers wanted to use JT Lockman more in the future.

The Board felt they should invite him to a meeting.

Motion by Mr. Straub, second by Mr. Moulton to adjourn the regular meeting. The meeting was adjourned without objection at 8:45 PM.

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