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Planning Board Minutes 02/15/2012

Date: February 15, 2012
Present: Bill Straub – Vice Chairman, Mimi Demers, Terrence Parker, Joel Moulton, Joe Rousselle Code Enforcement Officer

Absent: John Stirling and Warren Spencer


Vice Chair Bill Straub called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:00p.m.


Motion by Mr. Parker second by Mr. Moulton to approve the minutes of the October 19th 2011 Planning Board meeting. Vote: 4-0

Motion by Mrs. Demers second by Mr. Parker to approve the minutes of the February 1st 2012 Planning Board meeting, as amended. Vote 4-0

PUBLIC AUDIENCE: Norma Tutillian, Eric Pelchet, and Perry Ellsworth

CORRESPONDENCE: January 30, 2011 ZBA meeting


1. MSP#09-01- Tom Howarth was not ready for this meeting.


Discuss Young Street Property rezoning

Mr. Straub explained that the Board had a workshop on this item with the Council. It was to rezone the B1 District to allow a 24 unit building on the back of the property. The Town is working with a firm to have senior housing in the building. JT Lockman drafted a Memo dated January 19th, 2012 for the Board.

Mr. Parker explained that a lot of the talk was that this project was in line with the Comprehensive Plan.

Mr. Ellsworth spoke to the Board about the need for senior housing in town. He hears from the senior when he helps with the dinners that the Community Center has during the week. He also wanted the Board to look at other uses for the B1 zone. The Town owns more than one lot in the B1 zone.
Mr. Straub explained the 6 unit clause was brought in to allow the Cummins mill project.
Amended by Mr. Straub should say: was dealt with a separate lot. They brought it in to control development in all areas of town. Mrs. Demers concurred.

He felt that he did not want to see it eliminated in the entire B1 zone.

He wanted to look at where this use would fit so it could work.

Mr. Moulton talked about Butler St. to Fogarty’s on Main St.

Mr. Straub mentioned that they need to look into whether the limit would be for senior housing or the number of units to buildings

Mrs. Demers did not want to limit to just senior housing.

Mr. Moulton wanted it to be limit to seniors only. It would be less burden on sevices. Parking would be limited.

Mr. Rousselle explained that most would be 55 and over to limit kids under 55 from residing there.

Mr. Ellsworth explained that the town only has one senior housing at this time.

Mrs. Demers asked about taxes.

Mr. Ellsworth explained that this would be a taxable property. (Estimated at $20,000.00)

To put 4 buildings on this lot it would not fit. The concept of senior housing is to be in one building so they feel equal. It will have a community room for them to gather and have social events.

Mr. Straub asked if he could get a consensus from the Board for senior housing only.

The Board felt that it should only be in a portion of B1.

The Board came up with 5 options. Amended by Mr. Straub to say after options to send them to Southern Maine Regional Planning for JT Lockman to review and come up with drafting of wording for Ordinance change.
1. Seniors only
2. Young St. to School property and Cummins Mill.
3. Call it something different.
4. Building lot coverage (impermeable coverage) limit 70%
5. Height? 35’ or greater

Mrs. Tutillian thought it would be great for the town.



Mr. Straub passed out the inserts for the code book.

Mr. Rousselle explained to the Board that on the timber harvest app. #6 was sent to JT and he came back with a paragraph to insert and it would be sufficient.

The Board agreed and the application would be complete.

Mr. Moulton motioned to adjourn second by Mr. Parker. Vote 4-0 8:10 pm

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