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Planning Board Minutes 02/17/09

February 17, 2009
7:00 PM


Present: Cheryl Dionne (Chairman), Richard Clough, John Stirling, Mimi Demers, Brad Christo, Bill Straub, Bruce Whitney and Jim Fisk (Planner).

Susie Scott was taking minutes.


Chairman Dionne called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:03 PM.


February 3, 2009 - Regular Meeting: Pending.

- none.
1. CMP - Maine Power Reliability Program dated January 22, 2009.
RE: Request revision of the Town of South Berwick Land Use Ordinance.

Bud Newell, Environmental Specialist with Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP), presented his request for a possible ordinance amendment to the South Berwick Land Use Ordinance. In attempt to upgrade the aging system or construct new transmission lines, Central Maine Power (CMP) and MPRP request the Town waive the bulk and space standards, which would allow CMP to submit their project for Town review and permitting. The waiver would be specific to the proposed area of which there is about 8 miles of corridor in South Berwick. The project runs through 80 municipalities in total. They hope to start construction in the fall of 2009 pending local/state/federal approvals. Currently, the DEP application is pending. CMP is open to suggestions and revisions from the Planning Board.

Attendees included Steve Walker, Sarah Verville, Tom Depeter and Charlie Voccia.

Attorney Sarah Verville, Pierce Atwood, LLP presented two proposed ordinance revisions for Town review and consideration. The Board discussed creating a new definition for Essential Services and Public Utilities with regard to bulk transmission wires, adding a new note (18) to Table B as well as differentiating between cell and electrical transmission towers.

They will present this project in a public forum.

This item to be placed on the March 3, 2009 agenda.

Sarah Verville will submit additional information to Mr. Fisk.

2. Sevee & Maher Engineers, Inc. (SME) report dated August 11, 2008.
(Handed out at 2-10-09 Joint Workshop)
RE: Recommendations to Address Post Construction Requirements, Stormwater Phase II Program, and to Incorporate Road Cross-sections into Town Design Standards.

" Stormwater Workshop with Kristie Rabasca: Chairman Dionne requested Mrs. Scott confirm workshop date on 2-20-09.

The Planning Board agreed to hold a workshop on February 24, 2009 at 7:00 pm to discuss the Stormwater report.

3. Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership, University of New Hampshire.
(Letter to Planning Board Chair)

Provided to the Chairman at the dais.

4. Free SMRPC Workshop: March 11, 2008 - 6:30 PM, Saco Town Hall
Historic Preservation And the Maine Historic Tax Credit Program.

Flyer provided to Board members at the dais.

1. Town Council/Planning Board Joint Workshop 2-10-09: Final Review - Revisions from 2-10-09 Joint Workshop. (To be electronically mailed on 2-13-09)
" Table A.
" Table B.
" Jim Fisk memo RE: Business Residential Zone, updates.

The Board discussed the following edits/changes:
" Section 140-12: Add "thence turning and running Westerly along Sewall Road to point of beginning" to the end of the boundary description proceeded by a ";".
" Section 140-15: Sentence 1) under M. Business Residential District - BR should read, "To maintain the streetscape of a gateway of the town…"
" Table A:
- Change "SP" to "Y*" under Docks, Piers, Wharves (Temp.)
- Strike the word "Administrative" under the category "Professional Administrative Offices".
" Table B:
- Delete note (19) from Single-Family, Two-Family and Congregate residential minimum lot size in the BR column.
" Sections references B3 to be changed to BR.

Motion by Mr. Clough, second by Mr. Christo to hold a Public Hearing regarding the proposed BR (Business Residential) Zone on March 3, 2009, passed unanimously.

Item to be placed on the same evening's agenda for discussion and/or action, and discussion of Public Input from the Public Hearing.

Mr. Christo discussed his draft of a Demolition Review Overlay District, which he will forward to Planning Board members.

Public Notice to address demolition issues.

Chairman Dionne requested New Business be moved ahead of Old Business.

1. SP#09-01; Retail/Thrift Store - "Union Store #79", Norma Dowling (Map 28 Lot 7) - Change of Use.

Norma Dowling, applicant stated she has worked with the Garvin House, LLC for the past 12 years. The store will have its own manager, and would feature items for the thrift store as well as donations from local craftspeople to be sold as new retail.

Motion by Mr. Clough, second by Mr. Christo to waive parking criteria, passed unanimously.

Motion by Mr. Clough, second by Ms. Demers to approve the site plan application SP#09-01, passed unanimously.

2. MSP#09-02; Portico Realty - Brian McNulty (Map 31 Lot 75) - Real Estate Office in Residence.

Brian McNulty, applicant and business owner discussed moving the realty office to his residence located at 75 Railroad Avenue.

The Planning Board discussed review of this site plan as a Home Occupation versus a Major Site Plan. Mr. Fisk stated that a Real Estate office falls under the category of Professional/Administrative Offices, which requires a MSP in this zone. Proper notice was given to abutters, which preserves the rights of the property owner. There is no change in ownership of the property.

Motion by Mr. Clough, second by Mr. Stirling to approve the site plan application MSP#09-02, passed unanimously.
- none.
- Mimi Demers: Requested the flash drive with the ArcReader program from the other Board members.

" Susie Scott offered to assist any Board member with an ArcReader tutorial.

- Brad Christo: Requested that the Planning Department identify future site plan applications with the correct reviewing category. (ie: Professional Offices)

Dates & Times for Upcoming Meetings:
02/24/09 - 7:00 PM Planning Board Workshop: Review Stormwater Report.
03/03/09 - 7:00 PM Planning Board Regular Meeting.
03/10/09 - 7:00 PM Tentative South Berwick Advisory Committee (Traffic Feasibility Study)
03/11/09 - 7:00 PM Tentative Workshop with Kristie Rabasca (Stormwater Report)
03/17/09 - 7:00 PM Planning Board Public Hearing: BR Zone.

Motion by Mr. Stirling, second by Mr. Christo to adjourn the meeting. The meeting was adjourned without objection at 8:54 PM.

ATTESTED: Susie Scott
Susie Scott,
Assistant to the Director of Planning & Economic Development