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Planning Board Minutes 03/07/2012

Date: March 7, 2012
Present: John Stirling – Chairman, Bill Straub – Vice Chairman, Mimi Demers, Terrence Parker, Warren Spencer, Joe Rousselle Code Enforcement Officer

Absent: Joel Moulton


Chair John Stirling called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:00p.m.


Motion by Mr. Parker second by Mrs. Demers to approve the minutes of the February 15th 2012 Planning Board meeting as amended. Vote: 5-0


CORRESPONDENCE: February 7th 2012 ZBA meeting

Mr. Stirling asked to go to new business first, Board agreed


1. Discuss Young Street Property

Mr. Stirling was glad to see JT Lockman at the meeting and felt the Memo he drafted was well presented.

JT Lockman gave an overview of what and why he came up with the two options. He explained to the Board about how Kennebunk defines Congregate Housing. He also suggested that by our Ordinance now, it would be allowed without Planning Board approval.

Mr. Rousselle felt that it was specific to elderly housing to have assisted living and not Dwelling Units.

JT Lockman felt that it would be easier to amend the Congregate Housing definition. He feels that the Board should focus on the two options in front of them.

Mr. Straub asked if Congregate Housing was allowed in R1 R1A R2 R2A B1 B2.

Mr. Rousselle affirmed that it was.
Mr. Parker asked about the difference with 55 or 65 age limit.

JT Lockman felt that it really was just a number that individual communities come up with.

Mr. Straub felt that the Board should still look into the rest of the options that they had come up with.

Mr. Parker felt that Low impact development should be a requirement.

Mr. Rousselle felt that when a developer came in with a project like this one it would have open space. Mrs. Demers amended this to change open to green

Mr. Stiling felt the Board could look at some of these things at another time as the Board gets into Ordinance amendments.

JT Lockman felt the Board should not limit Lot coverage in the B1 zone. He felt that they could look at what this project covers and go from there.

Mr. Straub asked about adding a foot note to Table B for the Lot coverage. Mrs. Demers amended this after Table B (to limit lot coverage)

Mrs. Demers wants to combine the two paragraphs to make it clearer.

JT Lockman said that he could do that.

Mr. Straub motioned Based on the Memo from JT Lockman dated February 29th 2012 recommend to council for action with a minor amendment for a Public Hearing second by Mr. Parker. Vote 5-0 Mr. Straub made an amendment to add after 2012 (to)


MSP# 12 – 02 Erin Moore Photo Office

Mr. Stiling asked if it was full time.

Mrs. Moore explained it would be during winter months mostly.

Mr. Straub asked if they had a use in that space now.

Mr. Rousselle explained that it was just a room.

Mrs. Demers asked about the sign. Was the sign going to be lighted?

Mr. Parker asked if she was doing film development.

Mrs. Moore said no.

Mr. Straub mentioned that parking would be waived because of the down town area. Mrs. Demers amended this to say after waived because of the (precedence)

Mr. Spencer made a motion to accept the MSP# 12-02 with the following conditions, second by Mr. Parker. Vote 5-0

Condition of Approval:

1. The Owner signs the Application for the record.

2. That the parking requirements are waived.


Mrs. Demers commented that she would like to see the planning board address the issue of affordable housing. Mr. Straub said it was from the meeting before.

Mr. Straub motioned to adjourn second by Mr. Spencer. Vote 5-0 8:00 pm

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