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Planning Board Minutes 03/21/2012

Date: March 21, 2012
Present: John Stirling – Chairman, Bill Straub – Vice Chairman, Mimi Demers, Terrence Parker, Joel Moulton, Joe Rousselle Code Enforcement Officer

Absent: Warren Spencer


Chair John Stirling called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:03p.m.


Motion by Mr. Straub second by Mr. Moulton to approve the minutes of the March 21st 2012 Planning Board meeting as amended. Vote: 5-0

PUBLIC AUDIENCE: Mrs. Charlene Theriault, Gary Spaulding, and Katherine Calo.




MNS# 12 – 01: Andrew Patterson 4 Lot Subdivision off Stacy Lane.

Mr. Tom Harmon presented to the Board an overview of the project. Mr. Harmon sent in a

sketch plan for a 4 lot subdivision. He explained that this lot was part of a 7 lot subdivision

known as Robin Acres. Access will be from Stacy Lane. Mr. Patterson owns three lots around

this parcel. Mr. Harmon told the Board he was interested in 11 Units once the whole project was completed.

Mr. Harmon explained that two of the surrounding lots were split into two lots each.

Mr. Straub asked when the lots were split.

Mr. Harmon said over the past 5 to 6 years.

Mr. Harmon explained that Mr. Patterson intended to develop 3/51-2 and 3/51-1 which is not part of the approval process. He would develop those lots and add these four lots. They plan on discussing this with the land trust to take over the rest of the land 3/115.

Mr. Parker asked if there was access to the lots.

Mr. Harmon said yes.

Some of the access would be through the town property. Mr. Patterson had access through 3/12.

Mrs. Demers asked about 3/50, who was the owner.

That owner was Mr. Spaulding.

Mr. Straub asked how the two lots, 3/51-1 and 2 where spit. Changed the spelling of where to were.

Mr. Harmon said they were split equal.

Mr. Parker asked if they were properly sized.

Mr. Harmon said yes.

Mr. Harmon said that on a private road you can only have 5 units. This is why. Took out the words ( This is why )

Mr. Stirling asked how many units were going to be done.

Mr. Harmon stated 11 units with some duplexes.

Mr. Straub asked when the Stacy Ln. project was built.

Mr. Harmon said 1998.

Mr. Straub asked who owned the land before Mr. Patterson

Mr. Harmon said a Mr. Goodwin owned it and Mr. Patterson did not have anything to do with Stacy Ln. He did build the Houses.

Mr. Harmon wanted the Board to consider the road for this project for them to continue with the rest of the concept.

Mr. Straub questioned the MSP for this or should it be a Subdivision review.

Mr. Rousselle replied that it should be a subdivision review and that he made a mistake on the labeling of the review and would correct it.

Mr. Stirling questioned the 11 units on a private road.
Mr. Straub asked for clarification on this project to include all the lots. Get a sketch plan for all.

Mr. Harmon disagreed.

Mr. Harmon wanted to get the okay for the 4 lots first. He felt that before they spend a lot of money, was to get approval for the road.

Mr. Straub wanted to address the 600’ length for this project. He felt that the length could be considered back to Earl’s Rd. This project would be 1,200’ of road. He also felt that the road was going another 2,000’ beyond for more dwellings. He mentioned the reasons being for safety and fire protection.

Mrs. Demers questioned about the lawyers that Mr. Harmon referred to.

Mr. Harmon said Mr. Patterson had talked to them for the road length. He said Stacy Ln. was already a town road. And they were only extending from that road.

Mr. Rousselle explained that the 600’ length has not been used on most of the projects in town.

Mrs. Theriault talked about the cul-d-sac not being able to have school buses turn around on it now. She also wanted the town to follow the Ordinances. The town should look into having duplexes in certain areas of town.

Mrs. Calo talked about the narrow entrance onto Earl’s Rd. She talked about the speed of the vehicles on the road now.

Mr. Spaulding talked about his access to his lot. He said he uses the road at Stacy Ln. He felt they were building on the ROW now.

Mr. Rousselle explained that they are not building on the ROW. The applicant can not block any ROW to other parcels.

Mr. Moulton said that if they make the end more accessible for buses to turn around then it would be better.

Mr. Straub made a note that this would become a very long road based on what is presented.

Mr. Straub asked for the Board to send this to SMRPC for review also the Public Works and Fire Chief. They would like a cluster plan for them to look at.

The Board wanted JT Lockman to review and comment on a 4 lot subdivision when the proposal is for more. What is the impact of extending the cul-d-sac more then 600’? The total project could be 11 units.

Mr. Parker wants Mr. Harmon to discuss this with JT Lockman.

Mr. Moulton wondered if they can ask for more info.

The Board felt they could.

Condition of Approval: Took out this line.



Mrs. Demers wanted the Board to start to look at the Comp Plan. to make sure things are getting done as a Board. She questioned if a committee was set up to make sure things were being implemented. Eliminate the last sentence.

Mrs. Demers motioned to adjourn second by Mr. Moulton. Vote 5-0 8:30 pm

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