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Planning Board Minutes 06/08/2010

June 8, 2010

Present: Cheryl Dionne, Richard Clough, John Stirling, Mimi Demers, Joel Moulton, alternate and Terrence Parker, alternate.

Not Present: Bill Straub and Jim Fisk, Town Planner.

Susie Scott, Assistant to the Town Planner, was taking minutes.

Chair Dionne called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.

Mr. Moulton will be a voting member in Mr. Straub’s absence.

May 18, 2010 – Planning Board Regular Meeting: Motion by Mr. Clough, second by Mr. Stirling to approve meeting minutes as written, passed unanimously.


Code Book inserts: Updates from Town Clerk. Received by Planning Board members.
Email correspondence dated May 24, 2010 re: Maine utility regulators approve $1.4 billion transmission line investment. Received by Planning Board members.
Email correspondence from Bill Straub dated May 28, 2010 re: Correspondence for June 8, 2010 PB Meeting. Chair Dionne noted that Mr. Straub knew he wouldn’t be able to attend this meeting, and therefore, sent this request for Planning Board consideration. The Board can now review these questions which can later be raised when Mr. Straub is in attendance. This particular application is not on the agenda for review at this meeting.
Letter from FEMA dated May 28, 2010 re: Floodmap Status Update for York County, Maine. Received by Planning Board members. FEMA maps are changing, and the Board will need to follow up per the Work Plan.
ZBA Appeal dated June 3, 2010 re: Suzanne Roberge & Kevin Emery. Provided to Planning Board members at the dais. Chair Dionne noted the Appellant has 45 days to appeal the ZBA decision to Superior Court.

MNS#10-01; Mike and Janet Schoff – 580 Emery’s Bridge Road (Map 10, Lot 70), R4 Zone: Amendment to an Approved Subdivision.
Mrs. Scott provided a brief description of the applicant’s request for an amended subdivision with their intent to divide their lot into two separate lots. All fees and paperwork have been submitted with all abutters notified.

Mr. Schoff provided the original, recorded and approved January 15, 1991 Civil Consultants subdivision plan for Planning Board review and for Planning Department records.

The Board requested that any well and septic systems meet the required setbacks, and noted for financing purposes any well locations should be a minimum of 6 feet from the property line when selling the property.

The Schoff’s will need to provide the Planning Board a revised subdivision plan with the following items for final approval and execution:
Plan note stating “Revision to Subdivision of Land of Jonathan West and originally recorded on ORIGINAL RECORDING DATE_” (or similarly worded);
Signature box for Planning Board execution; and
Bearings and distances to be shown.
Motion by Mr. Clough, second by Mr. Stirling, to grant the amendment to the final subdivision plan pending receipt of the final plan, passed unanimously. The executed plan will need to be recorded at the Registry of Deeds in Alfred within 90 days of execution. Scheduled to be executed at the Planning Board meeting on June 22, 2010.
Reschedule June 15, 2010 Planning Board meeting: The Planning Board agreed to reschedule their next meeting for June 22, 2010.
- none.

Dates & Times for Upcoming Meetings:
June 22, 2010 – 7:00 PM Planning Board Regular Meeting
July 6, 2010 – 7:00 PM Planning Board Regular Meeting (TBD)

Motion by Mr. Clough, second by Mrs. Demers to adjourn the regular meeting. The meeting was adjourned without objection at 7:16 PM.