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Planning Board Minutes 12/01/2009

December 1, 2009

Present: Cheryl Dionne, John Stirling, Mimi Demers, Bill Straub, Joel Moulton and Jim Fisk (Planner).

Not Present: Richard Clough.

Jim Fisk, Town Planner, was taking minutes.
Chair Dionne called the Planning Board meeting to order at 7:07 PM.

Mr. Moulton will be a voting member tonight as Mr. Clough is not in attendance. Mr. Fisk asked for a short recess to get new batteries for the recorder.

Mr. Fisk requested that he review the November 11, 2009 meeting minutes with Mrs. Scott to revise.

Sue Roberge reserved time for agenda item #2.
Goerdt Lamberts-Loewenbrueck time for agenda item #1.
David and Pat Vachon reserved time for agenda item #2.
Tom Kelley reserved time for agenda item #2.


1.      MJS#09-01; Harold K. Main, III & Susan C. Main Subdivision was continued with a discussion on the definition of a lot split versus a division. Roger Green an abutter, questioned notification and Mr. Fisk explained the notification process, and that Mrs. Scott would call Mr. Lamberts-Loewenbrueck as a courtesy.  He questioned the status of the road, as an access road to the rear lot.  After discussion of density, splits, subdivision, and estate lot Mr. Lamberts-Loewenbrueck asked about covenants in the original plan prohibiting further subdivision or splits, and the original plan was not in the Planning file.  Mr. Harmon said that he could pull it from the project file that was in his Main St. office.  The Planning Board recessed while Mr. Harmon retrieved the plan.  The Planning Board reconvened at 7:47PM when Mr. Harmon returned with the original plan.  Mr. Fisk examined the plan for notes and did not find any reference to covenants regarding out sales or splits.  Mr. Harmon stated that Andrew Patterson received a R.O.W. to the rear property, not providing frontage to lot.  Mr. Lamberts-Loewenbrueck stated that he understood this was not a subdivision but just fixing the mistakes missing on the plan.  Mr. Hunter asked about the frontage for the lot #3 and it was confirmed that in is on Thurrell Rd.

On a motion by Mr. Stirling the amendments to the final plan dated 12/1/09 second by Bill Straub was accepted unanimous.

NOTE:  The Planning Board signed and dated an original and blueprint dated 12/1/09, and dated it 12/1/09.

2.      MSP#09-02; Our Lady of Angels Parish began with a review of the second Vaniotis letter. Mr. Straub recommended that the Planning Board continue operating with the advice of the attorney, and took a straw pole to proceed.  The Board discussion the course of action with no meeting between the appellant and applicant, the Planning Board should move forward.  Sue Roberge discussed the interest on both parties to meet, but the schedule has not accommodated the meeting, but would still like to meet.

On a motion by Mr. Straub the Planning Board tabled the item until the December 15, 2009 meeting to discuss the outcome of a meeting between parties second by Mr. Stirling passed unanimous.

The Chair commended the planner on the spreadsheet organization of the topics, who noted that Mrs. Scott prepared the spreadsheet, and agreed that it helps organize the work plan.  The Council minutes with recommendations were reviewed and discussed.  Additionaly the Planning Board would like to research financial assurance vehicles.

On a motion by Mr. Straub the meeting was adjourned at 8:35PM second by Mr. Moulton passed unanimous.

ATTESTED:       Jim Fisk
Jim Fisk, RLA
Director of Planning & Economic Development