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Planning Minutes 02/01/17

Regular Meeting
Date: 2-1-2017
Present: Paul Steinhauer, William Straub, Warren Spencer, Manley Gove, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor, SMPDC

Mr. Steinhauer called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 12/21/16 (Public Hearing – Inns) by Mr. Gove, second by Mr. Straub. VOTE: 3-0

Motion to approve minutes of 12/21/16 (Public Hearing – Dorms) by Mr. Gove, second by Mr. Straub. VOTE: 3-0

Motion to approve minutes of 12/21/16 (Regular Meeting) by Mr. Gove, second by Mr. Straub. VOTE: 3-0

Motion to approve minutes of 1/18/17 by Mr. Straub, second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 3-0

Perry Ellsworth, Town Manager
Adam Poirier, property owned off of York Woods Rd
Chuck Poirier, 152 York Woods Rd
Jason Murray, Berwick Academy


NEW BUSINESS: Berwick Academy MSP#17-001 (Change of use from Inn to Dorm)
Mr. Murray is here tonight to talk about changing Academy Street Inn to a Student Dormitory for Berwick Academy Students.
They will not be making any changes outside to the building, all changes would be inside.

Ms. Connor told the Planning Board that they can consider the plan before them as a Sketch Plan.

Mr. Straub asked how many rooms would be there and Mr. Murray said that they are looking at a 10-12 student program with 8 bedrooms total. 5 bedrooms are upstairs (with 2 students each) and then 2 adults living in 2 bedrooms downstairs and then another family living in the Carriage House. They have 13 parking spaces available. Also, Water and Sewer District have already provided letters of approval.

Mr. Spencer asked if the property had sprinklers and Mr. Murray stated that the building is not and that with fewer than 16 occupants they are not required to install sprinklers, the property will be alarmed and they may consider adding sprinklers in the future.

Mr. Straub asked if there would be waivers attached to this plan. Ms. Connor made some suggestions to the applicant for what waivers they made need.

OLD BUSINESS: Ordinance Review: Chapter 121: Subdivision of Land
Article VI: Final Plans –
Mr. Straub and Mr. Spencer said that the changes made look good to them. Ms. Connor has sent it to Mr. Ellsworth and Mr. St. Pierre as well for their input.

Article I: General Provisions –
Mr. Straub asked if the establishment of financial security is done before Final Approval or as a condition of approval. Ms. Connor said that Towns do it differently. Mr. Straub said that he can talk to other people that he is working with to see how they handle it.

Mr. Poirier spoke to Planning Board about 5 dwelling requirement on a private road. Individual owns land off of Rt. 91 and they can’t build houses on that because of what already exists there (6 homes and 3 are duplexes). Has been denied in the past by the Town Council, he is here tonight to revisit the issue. Mr. Straub agrees that this is an issue and it has been for a long time now. Policy now says that if the land owners improve the road to Town standards it can be approved. Mr. Straub stated that the Planning Board and the Town Council do not wish to open up the issue of number of dwellings on a private road. The Town Council does not want uncontrolled development that doesn’t meet Town Road Standards. Mr. Straub asked if they have looked into what it would take to improve road and Mr. Poirier said it is just too expensive for them to even consider. Mr. Chuck Poirier also spoke about this issue and how they have tried over the years to keep up with the ordinances, etc.

Mr. Ellsworth stated that he and Joe Rousselle and Kathy Connor will be looking at Road Ordinance(s) and others as well. He is not sure where it will lead, but he is aware that this is an issue and that this is not the only person who this ordinance affects.

Mr. Ellsworth also spoke about new Planning Board members. He has had a few individuals express interest.


Motion by Mr. Gove, second by Mr. Straub to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:45 p.m. VOTE: 4-0

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