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Planning Minutes 02/03/16

Regular Meeting
Date: 2-3-2016
Present: John Stirling, William Straub, Warren Spencer, Paul Steinhauer, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor SMPDC

Absent – Manley Gove

Mr. Steinhauer called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 1-02-2016 by Mr. Spencer and second by Mr. Steinhauer. VOTE 4 -0

Jim Flynn, Applicant
Perry Ellsworth, Town Manager
Charles Farrell, 7 Bittersweet Lane
Elizabeth Farrell, 7 Bittersweet Lane
Wendy Rawski, 11 Bittersweet Lane
Dennis Chagnon, 8 Bittersweet Lane


Budget Discussion
Mr. Ellsworth met with Planning Board to discuss budget. Professional Services cover Planning Board interaction with SMPDC or Town Attorney. The largest portion of budget is Professional Services and the average budget is around $20,000. Some years it is less than that and some years it is more, it depends on what projects come before the Planning Board.

Mr. Ellsworth would like services collected from applicants to be placed in an Escrow Account and to be held to pay for services during project as it is in front of the Board.

Mr. Straub asked if the Planning Board should establish a new fee structure to collect fees from applicants proposing building projects in town? Currently it is a $200 fee per lot and $150 for a final and $200 for a preliminary and $200 for a sketch review and that money goes towards engineering and professional services. The current fee structure has been in use since 1986.

Mr. Rousselle will research history of fees and look into what other Towns in the area are charging.

MSP#14 – 001 25 Lot Subdivision Outlook Gulf Course (Owner Jim Flynn) Map11 Lot 28 and P/O 31- 129

Mr. Flynn explained that he is here tonight to discuss two things with the board (1) waiver requests and (2) Bittersweet Lane memorandum of agreement.

Mr. Ellsworth stated that the Town Engineer is reviewing the maps and will get information back to the Planning Board regarding grade of road. Mr. Stirling said that the Planning Board will wait to discuss waivers until after they get comments back from Mr. Ellsworth and Town Engineer.

Mr. Flynn explained that all parties involved met to discuss Bittersweet Lane (Mr. & Mrs. Farrell, Mr. & Mrs. Rawski, Mr. & Mrs. Chagnon, Great Works Property and Outlook Farm Golf Club, LLC)

Mr. Straub asked if they drafted memo with assistance of their attorney, Mr. Flynn said they did.

Mr. Farrell explained that they have not had the opportunity to sit down with applicant to discuss Bittersweet Lane. They were not at the meeting.

Mr. Straub explained that this agreement would seem to meet the concerns of the Planning Board.
Mr. Ellsworth believes that this agreement is the right beginning to the solution, but in the end, each land owner will have to deed that piece of land to the Town when it becomes a Town Road. Mr. Stirling asked if land was Town Owned at the moment and Mr. Ellsworth explained that it is not, they do not know who owns it.
Ms. Rawski also explained that they as well only got the document a few days ago, and has not had adequate time to review and has not made a decision to sign it yet.

Mrs. Farrell is confused over status of road and Mr. Stirling stated that it is vague as to who really does own the land. Mr. Straub explained that it has not been established by Town Attorney that Town does own the land; therefore it is probably privately owned.

Mr. Flynn asked if the Town has to do something for the applicant to proceed, should the Town abandon the road? Mr. Ellsworth feels that someone has to petition to own the land, “it is no man’s land”. Mr. Farrell asked what would happen if the abutters filed to take over the road? What would happen next? To move forward, Mr. Stirling explained that parties involved have to come together and reach an agreement.

Ms. Rawski asks if this eventually becomes Town Road and subdivision proceeds, she asked who upgrades the extension of the road into subdivision. Mr. Straub is issue is resolved, it is his presumption that applicant would be responsible for building and brining road up to private road until taken over by Town.

Dennis Chagnon, he does not have problem with the road, but he wants it to be known that no money is coming out of his pocket.

Information provided to Board in regards to proposed new PD Building. Currently there are 2 locations possible (1) revitalize current space or (2) build a new building in fields behind current Community Building/Fire Station.

Members of Board will be absent for next meeting (2/17/16), a conflict of schedules is a just cause to reschedule the meeting. Will possibly change date to 2/24/16 or 2/25/16. Mr. Straub has to check his schedule.

Motion by Mr. Straub second by Mr. Spencer to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:54 p.m. VOTE: 4-0

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