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Planning Minutes 03/16/16-Public Hearing

Public Hearing
Date: 3-16-2016
Present: John Stirling, William Straub, Paul Steinhauer, Warren Spencer, Manley Gove, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor SMPDC

Mr. Stirling called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.


Jim Flynn, Applicant
Ken Wood, Attar Engineering
Gary Trull, 64 Goodwin Street
Wendy Rawski, 11 Bittersweet Lane
Nina Maurer, 80 Academy Street
Elizabeth Farrell, 7 Bittersweet Lane



MSP#14 – 001 25-Lot Subdivision Outlook Gulf Course (Owner Jim Flynn) Map 11 Lot 28 and P/O 31- 129

Ken Wood spoke to the audience and provided a brief overview of the project, it is a 24 lot-cluster subdivision on municipal water and sewer.

Mr. Wood discussed a few changes made to the plan based on suggestions by the board at the last meeting.

First, he spoke about the site distance on Rt. 4 entrance/exit. The original plan was hindered by existing signs on the road. They went back to examine site distance, and if they moved the signs, trimmed existing vegetation but did not regrade the land they can get a 450 ft. site distance (looking left). He also discussed the Speed Study by MDOT in 2013, with addition of 45 MPH speed zone in between the 35 and 55 MPH zone on that road. The applicant feels with the site distance and results of speed study, they have more than enough site distance looking to left on Rt. 4.

Applicant met with Jon St. Pierre and discussed changes to curve at top of Bittersweet lane, it was 75% horizontal curve and they have increased that to 100%. If they can do that, Mr. St. Pierre said that he would support the waiver request. Also, at the intersection of Stevens Lane, Mr. St Pierre said that the town would be willing to work to meet the grade of 25 within 75 ft. of Dawson Street.

A few other changes listed on notes #25-33, all new notes and in response to meeting with Jon St. Pierre.
Oldfields development will be responsible for improvement of Bittersweet Lane
Town will be responsible to improvements at Dawson St. intersection
Applicant has agreed to pave driveways of the Farrell’s, Rawski’s and Chagnon’s
The driveways will be constructed with the road to the right of ways limit and the depth of the sub base and the asphalt thickness will match
Central mail box instead of individual mail boxes and they will speak to the USPS about placement
The road is constructed to Town standards and when/if the Town accepts the road they will also accept the drainage system consisting of catch basins and culverts that go along with the road. The under drain filter systems and the pipes that connect them will be the responsibility of the HOA
Deposit 3% of cost of installation of culverts and catch basins with the Town and another 1% as a part of the Towns MS4 Program for the filters and connecting pipes
Small retaining wall adjacent to Rawski property will meet MDOT standards
All roads will be crowned
Gary Trull is concerned about drainage and how it will affect his basement, etc. Mr. Wood explained under drain soil filter and how it filters to a closed drainage system. There is no expected increase in flow with added development.

Wendy Rawski asked about change of radius of turn on Bittersweet Lane and where will it be off the retaining wall. Mr. Wood said that he believes it will be 2 ft. from the wall.

Nina Maurer asked if the effect of this development on the Towns sewage system has thoroughly been examined. The applicant has obtained a letter of capacity from the Sewer Department. Ms. Connor explained that the design has not been vetted, but the capacity has been.

Elizabeth Farrell asked for clarification about intersection of Dawson and Bittersweet Lane. Mr. Wood explained that the town will work it to modify the 2% grade.

Mr. Farrell also asked about a sidewalk on that curb of Dawson Street for pedestrians. Mr. Wood suggested she voice her concern to Mr. St. Pierre



Motion by Mr. Spencer second by Mr. Straub to adjourn the Public Hearing at 7:00 p.m. VOTE: 5-0

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