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Planning Minutes 03/16/16

Regular Meeting
Date: 3-16-2016
Present: John Stirling, William Straub, Paul Steinhauer, Warren Spencer , Manley Gove, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor SMPDC

Mr. Stirling called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 2-24-2016 with change by Mr. Steinhauer and second by Mr. Gove. VOTE 4-0
(Change line #29 to Applicant met with the Farrell’s)

Ken Wood, Attar Engineering
Christopher Berry, Surveying and Engineering
Nina Maurer, 80 Academy Street
Dan Boyle
Jim Theos, 67 Pleasant Street
Mark Alterio, 6 Vine Street
Julie Serrano, 68 Main Street
Emily Loiselle, 83 Main Street



MSP#14 – 001 25-Lot Subdivision Outlook Gulf Course (Owner Jim Flynn) Map11 Lot 28 and P/O 31- 129

Mr. Straub asked about the site distance onto Rt. 4 and grading the property to maximize it. Mr. Wood stated that they were not looking into grading if they can achieve the 450 ft. without it.

Mr. Wood asked the Planning Board to consider Preliminary Plan Approval tonight, knowing that they have to come back with a Final Plan.

If the Planning Board is considering approval, Ms. Connor would like to suggest 3 conditions of approval.
Jon St. Pierre provide written approval of plans
Obtain written approval of sewer design by Sewer District
The DEP Permit is obtained prior to submission of Final Plan OR prior to Final Plan approval
Mr. Straub made a motion to approve Preliminary Plan subject to Jon St. Pierre concurrence of preliminary design, second would be sewer district issue their concurrence with onsite sewer design and understanding that all final approvals would not be possible without all necessary permits in hand, second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 5-0

SP#15-003 Changing Places LLC – 4 Unit Subdivision (72-74 Main St) Map 25-Lot 7

Christopher Berry spoke to the Planning Board about plans at 72-74 Main Street and pending drainage improvements at 80 Main Street and how they are part of the new design plan.

Intent is to have both projects be constructed at same time. Mr. Straub stated that it was his understanding that applicant would handle this as two projects; conduct improvements at 80 Main Street before moving on to construction at 72-74 Main Street.

Currently 80 Main Street is in violation of their approved Site Plan and Mr. Straub does not want to down play that.

Applicant will work with this a 2 projects and 80 Main Street would be handled as a modification.

Applicant is proposing 4 unit town house development at 72-74 Main Street that would face 80 Main Street.

Mr. Straub and Mr. Gove are not certain that applicant can build 4 units on this lot. Mr. Straub is certain that if you remove a non-conforming structure from a lot you lose that benefit of what was on the non-conforming lot. Mr. Rousselle explained that you have one year to replace the structure. Mr. Straub would like the applicant to prove that to him. If the lots are combined, he would like to see the yield on that single lot.

Mr. Straub would like the applicant to prove that they can support 13 units total (with 4 new) on the combined lots before they proceed with the Sketch Plan.

Mr. Straub concerned with development within R1 district about maintaining historical integrity and that development takes that into consideration. New structures need to be consistent with building already in existence in neighborhood, etc.

Nina Maurer spoke about the property and that it has been a 2-unit rental property for over 200 years and that property is a crucial part of the history of this Town she believes that removing the building and replacing it with town houses is a detriment to the Town.

Ms. Maurer stated that this area (The Landing) is currently under consideration as National Historic Registry. It provides tax incentives for owners to care for what is there, however the property owner has ability to determine what to do with property.

Dan Boyle, Chairman of South Berwick Historic District Commission spoke about National Register District and that it does not restrict what property owners do with buildings on property, there are tax credits available for property owners considering rehabilitation.
20% fed tax credit for every dollar spent on rehabilitation
25% state tax credit if used for market grade housing plus an additional 6% credit if it is used for affordable housing
Also, SMPDC has grant money available for owners looking to rehabilitate such properties
Jim Theos, spoke to Planning Board about erosion of his property since the building of property at 80 Main Street, and increased water in his field it is ankle deep right now. He is concerned about increased run off with new property and what will he see from his house. Applicant explained that this will all be taken into consideration with plans and there will be a 6 ft. retaining wall at the end of this new build and his property and possible plantings.

Mark Alterio spoke about shift in street scape with proposal of turning new building, it not visually aesthetic.

Julie Serrano concerned about “90 degree” turn, where is the front of the building in reference to her home is. The back of the building will face her home. Since they were not incompliance with original build who holds them accountable. Mr. Stirling explained that is why they are here to present how they intend to fix the issues.

Emily Loiselle expressed her opposition of demolition of historical building.

Mr. Gove made a motion to approve sketch drainage design at 80 Main Street on Sheet #4, second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 5-0



Motion by Mr. Spencer second by Mr. Gove to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:45 p.m. VOTE: 5-0

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