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Planning Minutes 03/18/15

Regular Meeting
Date: 3-18-2015
Present: John Stirling, William Straub, Warren Spencer, Terrence Parker, Paul Steinhauer, Manley Gove, Kathy Connor and Joe Rousselle, Code Enforcement Officer

Mr. Straub called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 3-4-2015 by Mr. Spencer and second by Mr. Parker. VOTE: 4-0

Susan White, 181 Emerys Bridge Road
Julia Ouellette, 1 Brattle Street


#1: SP#15-001 Application for Club at 144 Route 236 (Map 19 Lot 32) Derek Ahl and Susan White

Ms. White presented an overview of what they are planning to do with the property. It is their intention to create community space for their members. Members can have facilities/meeting space, for ex: workshop and trainings.

Kathy Connor stated that the applicant can provide the required 53 parking spaces.

Mr. Straub asked how the club would work. Members would pay a fee to belong to association. They would have to be member to use the facilities and participate in training.

Ms. White explained that parking and access would be off Old South Road to be close to the barn which is where training, etc. will occur. It is their intention to use both levels of barn.

Mr. Straub stated that the parking spaces on the drawing are too small. They should be drawn bigger (9x18 or 10x20) and aisle between is typically 24 ft. Mr. Straub suggested involvement of engineer to plan out parking properly and to be clear on how they want parking lot to be layed out.

Mr. Straub stated that this is considered a Sketch Plan Conference.

Ms. White will work on incorporating suggestions by Planning Board and will resubmit Application

#1: Discuss 80 Main Street (Changing Places, LLC.)
Mr. Straub made a motion to request applicant clarify what difference between approved site plan and what was actually built and with an engineered prepared as built plan. No vote was taken.

Mr. Connor suggested that the Planning Board conduct a site visit and see what is going on at the site before they request applicant to provide materials.

Mr. Straub made a motion that regarding 80 Main Street. based on determination that construction deviated from approved Site Plan that the Planning Board schedule a site walk with owners knowledge and presence with intent that precede amended site plan that addresses difference between what was approved and what got constructed at the site and potentially other issues that need to be resolved.
Second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 5-0

#2: Continued review of Ordinance Updates
Function Hall/Banquet Hall:
Mr. Straub made a motion to accept Draft ordinance Change for proposed amendments related to Function Hall/Banquet Hall and proceed to set date for Public Hearing, second by Mr. Parker. VOTE: 5-0

Mr. Spencer made a motion to amend proposed motion to include clarification that this is only referring to ordinance, second by Mr. Parker. VOTE: 5-0

Public Hearing will be held at next Planning Board meeting on Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

Mrs. Ouellette spoke to the Planning Board about what the next steps would be.

Ms. Connor will work on incorporating PB desire to require condition for future applications in reference to Boards ability to seek professional engineering approval that plan was built to standards of what was approved.

The Board also discussed landscaping amendments to the ordinances and requested that Ms. Connor provide a draft of parking lot landscaping requirements and general landscaping/screening requirements for their next meeting.



Motion by Mr. Spencer second by Mr. Steinhauer to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 8:28 p.m. VOTE: 5-0

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