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Planning Minutes 04/15/15

Regular Meeting
Date: 4-15-2015
Present: John Stirling, William Straub, Warren Spencer, Terrence Parker, Paul Steinhauer, Manley Gove and Kathy Connor

Joe Rousselle, Code Enforcement Officer – Absent

Mr. Stirling called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 4-1-2015, Public Hearing, by Mr. Steinhauer and second by Mr. Parker
VOTE: 3-0
Motion to approve minutes of 4-1-2015, Regular Meeting, by Mr. Parker and second by Mr. Steinhauer.
VOTE: 3-0

Philip Kendrick, 22 Pine Street
Derek Ahl, 181 Emerys Bridge Road
Susan White, 181 Emerys Bridge Road

Mr. Kendrick was before the Planning Board tonight to discuss nonconforming use of Rt. 236 and Old South Road. Currently it is a small flower/gift shop on this location. Now there is another structure for food service on the premises. Concerned about lack of parking/curbs, restroom, and water on site.

Mr. Stirling explained that previous changes to Mobile Vending Ordinance were made and passed by Town Council a few months ago and in the prior to that, the vendor was given a permit to operate.

Mr. Straub has noticed that mobile food truck is now attached to ground and connected to building. This should have come to the Planning Board as Site Plan since it is an addition to the established building. No decision was given for that expansion. Mr. Straub stated that he is astonished that this has happened and it was bad faith on their part.

Motion made by Mr. Straub to express concerns in regards to this issue. He would like the Planning Board to examine this location. Second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 5-0

Mr. Stirling would like to have this issue on the Agenda for the next meeting.



#1: Discuss/set site walk for 80 Main Street (Changing Places, LLC)
Site walk scheduled for 4/9/15 cancelled due to snow.

The Planning Board would like to reschedule another Site Walk. Mr. Stirling would like to make it on a Tuesday or Wednesday in the morning. Will contact John O’Neill to see what days work for him.

#2: Continued review of Ordinance Updates

Ms. Connor discussed changes she made to Landscape Ordinance based on discussion from last meeting.
Purpose is to organize the landscape requirements and make them easier to understand.

Mr. Straub stated that the Planning Board would like to have a Workshop with the Town Council in regards to Landscape Ordinance review.

#3: SP#15-001 Application for Club at 144 Route 236 (Map 19 Lot 32) Derek Ahl and Susan White
Mr. Stirling explained to applicants that since they did not have material in time to review before the meeting they will not be able to act upon application tonight.

Mr. Straub stated that he would like to have a public hearing because this is a Non Residential Use in a Residential Zone.

Explained to Ms. White that it is possible without any delays/problems this application could be done in next 2 meetings.

Ms. White explained why they are seeking 4 waivers. First one is concerning allowing parking in front yard, since this property essentially has 2 front yards they would need permission to have parking where they would like to place it. The Second concerns number of required parking spaces, they are asking for a reduction in that number to 21 parking spaces. The Third waiver request is concerning 6 ft. wide buffers. The way parking is proposed cars would be right up against buffer instead of space between parking and buffer. Final waiver request would concern additional planting in gravel area for buffer, applicant would like to place 6 ft. stockade fence in place of more planting.

No permanent parking spaces, they will be gravel. Suggested 2 Handicap parking spaces, they will be the only paved parking spaces.

Intention is to have people using space for meeting, training, etc. is to have entrance onto property from Old South Road, while administrative use will be at house and use parking off of Rt. 236.

Proposed to bring back Site Plan for approval by board next meeting on 5/6/15 and plan for Public Hearing for the application on 5/20/15.

Ms. Connor will set up procedure with Joe Rousselle to meet with applicants when they come to the Town with new Site Plans. She stated that in the Ordinance there is no stated admission guidelines for applicants to submit materials for the Planning Board review.

Motion by Mr. Straub second by Mr. Parker to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 9:00 p.m. VOTE: 5-0

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