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Planning Minutes 05/04/16

Regular Meeting
Date: 5-4-2016
Present: John Stirling, William Straub, Paul Steinhauer, Manley Gove, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor SMPDC

Absent: Warren Spencer

Mr. Stirling called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 3-16-2016 Public Hearing by Mr. Straub and second by Mr. Steinhauer. VOTE 4-0

Motion to approve minutes of 3-16-2016 Regular Meeting with correction to line #103 and #109 by Mr. Straub and second by Mr. Gove. VOTE 4-0

Tom Harmon, Civil Consultants
Ken Wood, Attar Engineering
Jim Flynn, Applicant
Wendy Rawski, Bittersweet Lane
Charlie Lynch, Applicant


MSP#16-?? Site Plan for New Shop Building for Lynch’s Salvage Yard (Charles Lynch) 199 Rt 236 Map 7 Lot 57
Mr. Lynch explained that project is one additional building on land for new shop. All setback requirements are met on plan and it will be wood frame with steel siding. Building will have electricity but no plumbing.

Mr. Straub made a motion to accept the plan before them as a complete preliminary and a sketch plan subject to confirmation by COE that buildings spacing’s, etc. and consider the final approval at next meeting that will be preceded by a public hearing, second by Mr. Gove. Vote: 4-0

Mr. Gove made a motion to waive the financial responsibility portion, second by Mr. Steinhauer. Vote: 4-0

Public Hearing will be at next meeting on 5/18/16.

Amendment to Stacy Lane (Robin Acers) Easement for Fire Cistern
Applicant is informing Planning Board of plan to move cistern to the other side of the road with easement over two properties in development for those maintaining the cistern to have access.

Mr. Gove made a motion to accept amendment to plan, second by Mr. Straub. Vote: 4-0

Mr. Harmon said that he will bring Mylar over to the Code Enforcement Office and the Planning Board can stop in at their convenience to sign it.

MSP#14 – 001 25-Lot Subdivision Outlook Gulf Course (Owner Jim Flynn) Map 11 Lot 28 and P/O 31- 129
Mr. Wood passed out approvals from the Sewer District and the Water District to the Planning Board.

Mr. Wood explained the modifications have been set up to Maine DEP and they are reviewing it at this point. They will submit that to the Planning Board before Final Approval of the plan.

Ms. Rawski spoke to the board, she is concerned about the address, she has heard that there is a potential in change of name of roadway. She is also concerned about central mailbox system and HOA and what their responsibilities will be in subdivision, and will she need to be part of the HOA?

Mr. Flynn stated that they are not against keeping the name as Bittersweet Lane and according to the code, this should remain Bittersweet Lane.
Location of mailbox is suggested to be at Portland Street entrance with a pull-off to get the mail. Kathy said that she would talk to Jon St. Pierre about the location of mailbox and will present it at the next meeting.

Ms. Rawski has spoken to the Flynn’s about desire to not be a part of the HOA; she will work with them and get something in writing. Ms. Connor asked that the applicant submit a copy of the HOA by laws for review.

Mr. Straub would like documentation about maintaining the clear area for line of site on Rt. 4, who will be responsible to mow that area? Mr. Wood suggested that Outlook Golf Course could be responsible for that and they could add that to the notes of the plan.

Mr. Straub would like to list outstanding issues that need to be dealt with before Final Approval:
notarized agreement with land owners
final DPW review
resolution of mail box issue
commitment to maintain site distance clearing

Mr. Gove made a motion to accept application as complete subject to the list of outstanding issues, second by Mr. Straub. Vote: 4-0



Motion by Mr. Gove second by Mr. Steinhauer to adjourn the Regular Metting at 7:30 p.m. VOTE: 4-0

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