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Planning Minutes 05/20/15

Regular Meeting
Date: 5-20-2015
Present: John Stirling, Terrence Parker, Paul Steinhauer, Manley Gove, Kathy Connor and Joe Rousselle, Code Enforcement Officer

William Straub – Absent
Warren Spencer – Absent

Mr. Stirling called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Minutes of 5-6-2015 tabled until next Planning Board Meeting

Susan White, 181 Emerys Bridge Road
Charles Heroux, 149 Dow Highway
Jessica Regis, Owner of Great Beginnings 2 at 97 Academy Street


#1: MSP #15 – 002: Daycare center at 145 Rt. 236 (former Sandra’s Ice Cream) Map 17 Lot 12 Owner Roger Heroux
Sketch Plan before the Planning Board

Ms. Regis explained to the Planning Board why she is seeking to place Day Care Facility at 145 Rt. 236.

Ms. Connor noticed that the letter from the Sewer Department stated that the site has the capacity for 4 staff members and 15 children. At any given time she will only have 4 staff members at any given time and the majority of her children are not potty trained so they will not be using the facilities.

The Planning Board requested that Mr. Heroux get the letter from the Sewer Department revised to state 5 employees and 20 children.

Ms. Connor discovered that planting as shown on original plan did not happen as they were supposed to. Mr. Heroux described that the “island” turn around plantings he put in died over the winter that is why they are not there currently. The Planning Board would like him to update Landscaping Plan. Ms. Connor suggested that Mr. Heroux install Switch Grass. Mr. Heroux will bring an updated Landscaping Plan to the Planning Board for next meeting.

Applicant will provide fence to create play area for children. The area marked yellow on the map is that area.

Applicant will also supply a copy of State License to COE when available.

#1: Continued review of Ordinance Updates

#2: SP#15-001 Application for Club at 144 Route 236 (Map 19 Lot 32) Derek Ahl and Susan White
Applicants have requested four waivers under Section 140-24
Section 140-24.C: Request relief from requirement that all non-residentail uses in zoning districts other than Industrial zone place parking to the side or rear of the principal building. Parking for the application will be off of Old South Road.
Motion by Manley Gove, second by Mr. Steinhauer to approve this waiver. VOTE: 4-0
Section 140-24.F: Applicants request a reduction of parking requirements to 21 year round parking spaces and 15 seasonal overflow parking spaces
Motion by Mr. Parker, second by Mr. Steinhauer to approve this waiver. VOTE: 4-0
Section 140-24.J: Applicants request relief from providing buffer on the western side of property so that overflow parking may be there when needed. A six foot stockade fence will separate the parking area from the abutting property
Motion by Mr. Steinhauer, second by Mr. Gove to approve this waiver. VOTE: 4-0
Section 140-24.J: Applicants request relief from providing additional trees for landscape in proposed gravel parking area.
Motion by Mr. Gove, second by Mr. Steinhauer to approve this waiver. VOTE: 4-0
Motion by Mr. Steinhauer to approve MSP #15 – 001 Application and Finding of Fact, second by Mr. Parker. VOTE: 4-0

Ms. White provided the Mylars for this Application to the Planning Board and they signed it. Ms. White will take it Civil Consultants to have it filed with the County.


Ms. Connor updated Planning Board on recent visit to 80Main Street. She wrote up a site plan report and sent it to Jon St Pierre. He will review the memo and the original site plan. She compared what she saw at the site vs. what was on the original plan.

Motion by Mr. Parker, second by Mr. Gove to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 8:10 p.m. VOTE: 4-0

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