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Planning Minutes 06/17/15

Regular Meeting
Date: 6-17-2015
Present: William Straub, Manley Gove, Paul Steinhauer , Kathy Connor and Joe Rousselle, Code Enforcement Officer

John Stirling – Absent
Warren Spencer – Absent

Mr. Straub called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Motion to table approval of minutes of 5-20 -2015 (Regular Meeting)
Motion to table approval of minutes of 5-20 -2015 (Public Hearing)
Motion to table approval of minutes of 6-3-2015

Mr. Heroux, 145 Route 236
Susan White, 181 Emerys Bridge Road
Robert & Anita Gagne, 1 Alder Drive (3 Old South Road adjacent to Roger Heroux property)

Ms. White came to speak to the planning board about the status of 144 Dow Highway. They did not purchase the property but wanted to thank board for helping them through the process. They are in the process of moving forward on a different property.


Planning Board recommended to Town Council that Mr. Manley Gove be made a full time Planning Board member.

#1: Continued review of Ordinance Updates
Intention to measure brightness of sign at evening, the Planning Board would like to reflect that measurements should be taken at least 1 hour post Dusk.

Mr. Gove made a motion to forward Ordinance Updates to Town Council and to request a Joint Workshop in regards to Lighting and Landscaping with Town Council, second by Mr. Steinhauer. VOTE: 3-0

Mr. Straub would like to know if you are allowed to have a sign on a property however there is no business at the location of the sign. Is that use of sign allowable? Ms. Connor stated that under 140-26 A, #4, all signs shall relate to goods and services located on that property. This forces the sign to be on the property of the business.

#2: MSP#15-002 Application for Day Care Center at 147 Route 236 (Map 17 Lot 12) Roger Heroux
Ms. Connor reviewed the FOF with the Planning Board.

Original applicant removed name from Day Care application and a new application was submitted in name of Charles Heroux.

Mr. Gove made a motion to accept application with exception to change of name, second by Mr. Steinhauer. VOTE: 3-0

Mr. Steinhauer made a motion to approve application subject to FOF and Conditions of Approval, second by Mr. Gove. VOTE: 3-0

Mr. Straub would like to modify agenda to reflect that Application for Day Care was not withdrawn and that the Planning Board did act upon it.

A modified Site Plan Review Process and Submission Dates for Planning Board Applications were sent to Planning Board and it will be discussed at the next meeting.

Mr. Straub discussed a ZBA appeal scheduled for 6/25/15 for Chuck Wagon at Rt. 236 location. Planning Board members are allowed to listen and testify as residents of South Berwick.

Mr. Gove would like to send letter of acknowledgement to Terrence Parker on behalf of the Planning board to thank him for service.

Mr. Gove made motion to cancel July 1, 2015 Planning Board Meeting, second by Mr. Steinhauer. VOTE: 3-0

Motion by Mr. Steinhauer, second by Mr. Gove to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:47 p.m.
VOTE: 3-0

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