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Planning Minutes 07/15/15

Regular Meeting
Date: 7-15-2015
Present: John Stirling, Warren Spencer, Paul Steinhauer, Manley Gove and Kathy Connor, Senior Planner SMPDC

William Straub – Absent

Mr. Stirling called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 5-20-2015 (Regular Meeting) by Mr. Steinhauer and second by Mr. Spencer VOTE: 4-0
Motion to approve minutes of 5-20-2015 (Public Hearing) by Mr. Spencer and second by Mr. Steinhauer. VOTE: 4-0

Motion to table approval of minutes of 6-3-2015
Motion to table approval of minutes of 6-17-2015 (Regular Meeting)
Motion to table approval of minutes of 6-17-2015 (Public Hearing)

Kenneth Wood, Attar Engineering
James Flynn
Wendy Rawski, 11 Bitter Sweet Lane



#1: MSP #15-003 Applications for 26 Lot Subdivision at Portland Street (Outlook
Golf Course) Map 31 Lot 129-1, Map 11 Lot 150, and a portion of Map 11 Lot 28 Owner Timothy Flynn.

James Flynn explained that plan before them tonight reflects changes based on discussion from their last meeting with the Board.

Mr. Stirling mentioned concern from previous meeting with flag lots up on the hill; he feels that it was the Board’s opinion that the total number of lots would be reduced. Mr. Flynn was under the opinion that the concern was possibility of wetlands on those lots. Mr. Wood believes that the Board accepted the sketch plan with 25 lots at their February 18, 2015 meeting.

Mr. Stirling is concerned about wetlands, especially Lots 16 & 13. Mr. Wood explained that they will need fill on those lots and that he is working on Permit with DEP. He is requesting that he be allowed to meet with DEP first about Wetlands and then he will have more information to report to the Planning Board.

Mr. Wood explained that the bio retention cells will be dry. Mr. Stirling asked about maintenance. Mr. Wood explained that this system will need routine maintenance. Mr. Wood said that maintenance would be with the developer until turned over to the Home Owners Association and then it will be their responsibility.

Mr. Steinhauer would like an explanation as to where water will go as in regards to abutters property, etc. Mr. Wood feels that this plan will not increase water going down to abutting properties.

A memo from the Public Works Director was received by the Board which asked for additional information on impervious surfaces and the amount of disturbance. Mr. Wood will go to DEP to ask about the Cornell precipitation model that was suggested for storm water modeling. The applicant will retain some trees for screening between the subdivision and the Rawski’s property.
Mr. Spencer asked if utilities will be above ground and Mr. Wood stated that they will be inground. Have not determined if they will use street lights yet. If they do, the Planning Board will need to see a photometrics plan.

Mr. Stirling stated that the applicant will need to provide an Erosion and Sediment Plan. The Public Works Director will need to endorse the plan before the Board reviews it.

The applicant will also need to provide a landscaping plan describing noise buffer between subdivision (lot #17) and Route 4 as per Section 121-19.

The Applicant will also need to provide written approval of all designs and drawing for water and sewer features from the water and sewer districts.

Mr. Gove asked if the ownership of Bittersweet Lane had been determined. Mr. Wood believes that the Town owns that road and said he has minutes from a meeting during which the road was accepted by the Town. The applicant will provide this information to the Board demonstrating that the road is owned by the Town.

Planning Board suggested a contractor be hired by HOA to maintain storm water management systems within subdivision. The applicant will provide a contract from a responsible third party to maintain the storm water systems.

Mr. Stirling asked if there had been a Traffic Study conducted with suggested access onto Route 4. It has not been done yet, but Mr. Wood said that one will be done. The road is being built to current town standards and the applicant would like the town take over the road eventually. In addition, the applicant asks that the Town bring the existing portion of Bittersweet Lane up to Town standards.

Ms. Connor asked Mr. Wood to consider snow plowing/removal as the current plan makes no provisions for snow storage other than pushing the snow to the side of the road

Reading from Mr. Straub’s letter, Mr. Stirling mentioned concerns with Lots 21 22 23 25 26 on the north side of the proposed road. The applicant needs to submit clarification of grading/drainage to demonstrate that they are feasible. Mr. Wood will provide grading plans for those lots.

The Board discussed hiring an Independent Peer Review of this plan. Mr. Gove explained that it was important to the neighbors and the Town to get the storm water management right. Board members spoke in favor of receiving an independent peer review on storm water and grading.

The Board discussed the Right Of Way on Norton Street which will be part of the Open Space of the subdivision. There will be no vehicular access over that ROW.

Mr. Gove suggested that the Town’s attorney review the historical ownership of Bitter Sweet lane to determine status of that road. Ms. Rawski stated that the Town has never maintained that road. Her family has taken care of upkeep and maintenance of Bittersweet Lane for past 25 years. The road is not paved from Dawson Street on and the Rawskis have maintained it as a gravel way to their residence. The road was called Dawson Street Extension but the Rawski family had concerns regarding 911 clarity and requested that the Town rename the street. Their request was approved by the Town to rename it Bittersweet Lane. The applicant believes that when Berwick gave the road to South Berwick, the road was part of Stevenson Lane and reiterated that documentation would be provided to the Board to clarify.

Mr. Stirling would like to submit questions and comments from Mr. Straub into the Town Record.

The Board declined to take further action on the application until the additional materials and information requested are submitted.

#1: Continued review of Ordinance Updates

Ms. Connor asked the Planning Board to discuss the proposed Site Plan Review Process and Planning Board submission deadlines. The Board agreed that having the process and deadlines published and available would benefit the Town and the applicants.

Ms. Connor proposes that she and Mr. Rousselle will meet with new applicants before they go before the Planning Board.

Ms. Connor would also like these documents to be placed on the Town Website


Motion by Mr. Spencer second by Mr. Mr. Steinhauer to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 8:28 p.m.
VOTE: 4-0

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