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Planning Minutes 07/19/2017

Regular Meeting
Date: 7-19-2017

Present: Paul Steinhauer, William Straub, Warren Spencer, Mallory Cook, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor SMPDC
Absent: Manley Gove
Mr. Steinhauer called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
Motion to table approval of 6/7/17 and 6/21/17 minutes.
Tom Harmon, Civil Consultants
Jason Murray, Berwick Academy
Pat O’Brien, 31 Springtree Lane
Jessica Denuzzio, 37 Academy Street
NEW BUSINESS:  MSP# 17-002: Berwick Academy-Expand Parking next to Science Bldg. (Map 26 Lot 14)
Mr. Murray spoke to the Board about proposed parking expansion on campus.  Additional 72 spaces to be added to existing parking lot.
Mr. Murray explained that currently Berwick Academy under an exemption with DEP as an Educational Facility, they do not need to get a modification to site location permit for adding under 30,000 sq. ft. impervious surface and at this time the project is 25,000 sq. ft., they will have to notify DEP and submit plans to them, but they will not have to acquire an amendment.
Mr. Spencer made a motion to accept MSP #17-002 as complete application, second by Mr. Straub.  VOTE: 4-0
Mr. Spencer made a motion to approve MSP #17-002, second by Ms. Cook.  VOTE: 4-0
Ms. Connor will prepare Finding of Fact and bring them to next Planning Board Meeting.  The Planning Board does not feel that a site walk is necessary.
Speed on Rt. 236 by the High School:
Idea is that a memo from Planning Board would encourage action to slow down traffic in the area.
OLD BUSINESS: Ordinance Review (Restaurants and others)
Chapter 121 and Chapter 140 changes have been sent to Perry on May 19th and he is going to get it on the Town Council agenda and a possible workshop in September.
Mr. Straub believes that existing standards should remain as written in regards to restaurants, it is not appropriate to expand it to allow restaurants in more zones and Mr. Spencer agrees.
Mr. O’Brien spoke to the Board in regards to possible changes to The Lunchbox.  He wants to change it to a family restaurant with beer and wine.  Mr. Steinhauer states that this in in R1 district and it is not a use that allowed in that zone.  Mr. Steinhauer explained that if this is something to consider it would require a public hearing and then moved to Town Council. 
Ms. Cook made a motion to cancel August 2nd meeting, second by Mr. Spencer.  VOTE: 4-0
Motion by Mr. Straub and second by Ms. Cook to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:47 p.m.  VOTE: 4-0
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