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Planning Minutes 10/05/16

Regular Meeting
Date: 10-5-2016
Present: Paul Steinhauer, John Stirling, Warren Spencer, Manley Gove, Joe Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor, SMPDC

Absent: William Straub, Shaye Cheslock

Mr. Steinhauer called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 9/7/16 by Mr. Spencer, second by Mr. Gove. VOTE: 4-0

Motion to table minutes of 9/21/16 until next Planning Board mtg.

Jamie Bacon, Great Hill Survey Company



Amendment to existing subdivision – James Batchelder (Map 11 Lot 5-A)
Mr. Bacon reported that a neighbor Mr. Carlisle was not notified of the last meeting and Mr. Rousselle told him that he was not on the abutters list that was included with the application. He provided an email to Mr. Rousselle to discuss with the Planning Board.

Mr. Carlisle explained to Mr. Bacon that he is concerned about the construction of the water line and wants it to be a condition of approval to put the line in prior to approving the sub-division plan. Mr. Bacon said he would talk to Mr. Carlisle next week.

Mr. Bacon added Note #16 to the plan saying that you need water and sewer district approval before back filling the ditches.

Ms. Connor said that she thought it might be better to have it is a condition of sale for the property. If time goes by, they may not even go back and look at the sub-division plan. She also said that typically the infrastructure should be put in before the lots are sold.

Ms. Connor stated that Town Ordinance states that the Sewer and Water district must approve the water and sewer design of the plan before the Planning Board signs off on the Plan. The Board cannot sign the final plan without that written approval.

Mr. Steinhauer stated that the Planning Board needs to see the following prior to final approval:
Sewer district approval
Water issue squared away, probably in best interest of the client to install the water line in the 15ft utility easement
Approval to tie into existing water stub
Construct the curb-cut only of shared driveway before sale of property(s)
Ms. Connor will re-do the Findings Of Fact based on what the Planning Board has requested be done.

Mr. Gove made motion to waive application submission deadline so that applicant can be present at the next meeting, second by Mr. Stirling. VOTE: 4-0

Ordinance Review
Ms. Connor reviewed previous Ordinance changes so the Planning Board is prepared for the upcoming Workshop with Town Council on October 18th.



Motion by Mr. Gove second by Ms. Spencer to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:50 p.m. VOTE: 4-0

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