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Planning Minutes 10/07/15

Regular Meeting
Date: 10-7-2015
Present: John Stirling, William Straub, Paul Steinhauer, and Kathy Connor, SMPDC

Warren Spencer – Absent
Manley Gove – Absent

Mr. Stirling called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 9-16-2015 (Public Hearing) with amendment by Mr. Straub and second by Mr. Steinhauer (Line #120: Add “via down sloped driveways and no piping”) VOTE: 3-0

Motion to approve minutes of 9-16-2015 (Regular Meeting) by Mr. Straub and second by Mr. Steinhauer VOTE: 3-0

Charles Lynch, 13 Pocahontas Road, Kittery Point
Bill Anderson, Anderson Livingston Engineers, Inc.
Penny Grogan, 44 York Woods Road


Amendment to existing Plan #09-04 Addition of Storage Building
Mr. Anderson provided a brief overview of project to the Planning Board. Primary function of property is boat building and boat restoration. Applicant is looking to add a permanent building in back of property for storage.
The building will require electricity, but no water/sewage to building. The building will be 24 x 72.

Applicant is requesting two waivers, one for Storm water and one for Financial Capacity.

Ms. Grogan asked Mr. Anderson how far the building will be from the edge of property. Mr. Anderson explained that they have a self-imposed 100 ft. buffer by applicant; a densely wooded buffer already exists on property and approx. 500 ft. from Rt. 236.

Mr. Straub asked applicant to put together a one page plan explaining what they plan to do and submit it and that way they will not need a waiver for Storm water. Applicant will bring back to present to the Board at the next meeting

Mr. Straub made a motion to accept Financial Capacity waiver request, second by Mr. Steinhauer. Vote: 3-0

Mr. Straub would like to schedule a Public Hearing on this manner on October 21, 2015.

Continued discussion of amendment changes to landscaping and sign-lighting
Two changes in regards to lighting came out of Workshop with Town Council. #1) Add BR district to Part C on page 2 and #2) addition of emergency or temporary construction related signs to Section D/ #4

Mr. Straub made a motion to accept September 29, 2015 draft of Sign Lighting Related Amendments and schedule a Public Hearing at the earliest time, second by Mr. Steinhauer. Vote: 3-0 (Will schedule Public Hearing for October 21, 2015)

In regards to landscaping amendments, Mr. Straub made a motion to accept modifications made to Landscaping Ordinance, dated September 30, 2015 as reviewed tonight and move those to a Public Hearing on October 21, 2015 as well, second by Mr. Steinhauer. Vote 3-0

Ms. Connor explained that she has spoken to Engineer from 180 Main Street and has asked them to include in their plans that the two lots in question shall be merged into one lot and shall never be separated.

Mr. Straub would like to revisit Low Impact Development and Storm water at a future meeting. Ms. Connor suggested that the Planning Board might like to be proactive and start to discuss the topic of Medical Marijuana.


Motion by Mr. Straub second by Mr. Steinhauer to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:17 p.m. VOTE: 3-0

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