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Planning Minutes 11/18/15

Regular Meeting
Date: 11-18-2015
Present: John Stirling, William Straub, Paul Steinhauer, Manley Gove, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor SMPDC

Absent: Warren Spencer

Mr. Stirling called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 11-4-2015 as amended by Mr. Steinhauer and second by Mr. Straub. VOTE: 4-0
Line #40 change 2005 to 2015
Insert in Line #40: due to initial consideration of proposal prior to April 15, 2015.

Motion to approve minutes of 11-4-2015 (PH) as amended by Mr. Steinhauer and second by Mr. Gove. VOTE: 4-0
Insert after Line #52: Mr. Straub explained that even under the old ordinance a waiver would be need to be sought by the applicant subject to the criteria for approval of waivers. Planning Board consider of waiver of request would be necessary and a waiver granted if a change would apply.




OLD BUSINESS: Ordinance Review
Low Impact Development
Mr. Straub explained that LID has to do with drainage, shift to as much as storm water runoff from development is directed to best management practices (BMP) where water is allowed to infiltrate back into ground after it is filtered of pollutants. Philosophy of PB was to not make strict standards but rather it encourages developers to employ LID methods even if not required by Maine DEP Chapter 500 Regulations.

The Planning Board wants to encourage developers to use LID and have a good reason why they would not.

Mr. Straub made a motion to update Ordinance to reflect to include word changes in Section 140-29-B and elimination of road standards changes under 124-44-N and move this to a Public Hearing, second by Mr. Steinhauer. VOTE: 4-0

Planning Board would like to have Public Hearing on 12/2/15.

Medical Marijuana
Dispensaries could potentially come into South Berwick. If it is considered Agriculture than it would be allowed anywhere in South Berwick, may want to add this in Use Table so that we can say where it can be allowed.

A dispensary would be dealing in 30+ marijuana plants. It would be a commercial operation. We would not want this downtown area or a residential neighborhood.

Ms. Connor explained that a town cannot prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries, but they can limit them and where they are allowed.

Ms. Connor has discussed this with Mr. Ellsworth and he stated that he will put this on the Agenda for the Town Council to discuss. The Planning Board would like to have a workshop with Town Council to discuss what direction to take this.

Mr. Straub made a motion to request interest in work shop with Town Council on Medical Marijuana Dispensary issues, second my Mr. Steinhauer. VOTE: 4-0



Motion by Mr. Straub second by Mr. Gove to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:41 p.m. VOTE: 4-0

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