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Planning Minutes 12/02/15

Regular Meeting
Date: 12-2-2015
Present: William Straub, Warren Spencer, Paul Steinhauer, Manley Gove, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor SMPDC

Absent: John Stirling

Mr. Steinhauer called the meeting to order at 6:39 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 11-18-2015 by Mr. Straub and second by Mr. Gove. VOTE 3-0

Christopher Berry, Berry Surveying & Engineering
Scott O’Neil, Amy Lane LLC
Perry Ellsworth, Town Manager
Julie Serrano, 70 Main Street

Mr. Ellsworth discussed letter from Town Attorney in regards to Flynn project on golf course and determination of proposed road (Bittersweet Lane). He will follow up with attorney and come back to next meeting to discuss with Planning Board.

SP#15-002 4 Unit apartment Building at 72 Main Street Map 25 Lot 7 Owner John O’Neil Changing Places LLC

Mr. Berry provided sketch plan of proposed project and discussed their plans.

Recently purchased property at 72 Main Street in order to redevelop the site. The redevelopment will include fixing the outstanding issues at 80 Main St. including diverting the storm water runoff properly. Proposing to construct a 4-unit building at this site which will be a cohesive part of the existing project at 80 Main St.

Plans to eliminate lot line between 80 and 72 Main Street, and retain the existing entrance to 72-72 Main Street with parking in the rear of the proposed building. The new building will be 3 stories including the parking level, with each unit being 20 x 28 feet.

Mr. Straub asked if applicant will provide site plan with 80 Main Street and 72 Main Street on one plan with removal of lot line. Mr. Berry said yes they will be providing that.

Mr. Ellsworth asked that the lot line be removed as quickly as possible in conjunction with new construction for correction of Storm water Plan at 80 Main Street. Mr. Berry explained that while the property goes through approval for the new building, a temporary drainage easement will be put in place but the lot line will be dissolved immediately after approval is granted.

Mr. Straub requested that applicant establish a drainage easement on the property and do a drainage study to examine Storm water runoff issue. Mr. Steinhauer stated that the Planning Board would like to have this issue resolved before any advancement is made on the project. Mr. Berry was asked by the Board to bring a storm water management proposal for 80 Main St. to the Board sooner rather than later.

Ms. Serrano explained that currently there is always a lot of water at the back of her property. She has talked to applicant about concern of heavy construction equipment in regards to age of her foundation and possible damage. She is also concerned about light pollution. Mr. Berry explained that proposed building would block that light.

Ms. Connor asked if applicant is intending on requesting any waivers and Mr. Berry said that at this time he is not.

Mr. Berry stated that he would plan on coming back to Planning Board at the 2nd meeting in January and give the Planning Board an update on the project and the proposed storm water management plan.

LID related ordinance amendments:
Mr. Straub made a motion to recommend adoptions of changes to LID be moved on the Town Council for discussion, second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 4-0

Mr. Ellsworth stated that he will put it next Town Council Agenda to set Public Hearing.

AVESTA Housing:
Mr. Ellsworth explained that the Town made a choice to not pave the parking lot with continued construction. The plan is to pave in the spring.

A CO shall not be issued until project meets Site Plan Approval and Mr. Ellsworth is looking for the Planning Board to allow issuance of CO and that they Town be responsible for paving in the spring.

Mr. Gove made a motion to approve Mr. Ellsworth request to approve CO with plan for Town to complete paving in spring, second by Mr. Straub.
Mr. Straub made an amendment to motion that Project is functionally complete and that paving is not necessary for functional completeness of project and that would not stop them from approving site plan with proposed commitment of escrow. VOTE: 4-0



Motion by Mr. Spencer second by Mr. Gove to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:44 p.m. VOTE: 4-0

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