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Planning Minutes 12/07/16

Regular Meeting
Date: 12-7-2016
Present: Paul Steinhauer, William Straub, Warren Spencer, Manley Gove, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor, SMPDC

Absent: Shaye Cheslock

Mr. Steinhauer called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.

Motion to approve minutes of 10/19/16 by Mr. Straub, second by Mr. Gove. VOTE: 4-0

Motion to approve minutes of 11/2/16 by Mr. Straub, second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 4-0

David Parker, Parker Forestry
Mary Breen, 52 Old County Rd
Ken Wood, Attar Engineering
Wendy Rawski, 11 Bittersweet Lane
Jim Flynn, 169 Main St
Greg Schneider, Berwick Academy – Head of School
Jason Murray, Berwick Academy


NEW BUSINESS: Timber Harvest: Map 5 Lot 34 – Sara Grant (Parker Forestry)
Harvest application for property on 40 Old County Road, approval for entrance to lot from adjacent property

Mr. Straub asked Mr. Parker about road issues into property and what needs to be done to protect the road. Ms. Connor has spoken to Mr. St. Pierre and they are satisfied with applicants plan to fill the ditches temporarily with rock to get the logging equipment onto the property.

Mr. Straub asked who would actually be doing the logging, the part of the application was blank. Mr. Parker said that has not been determined yet, when that decision has been made, he will fill it in and send the complete application to the State.

If all goes well, they plan on beginning in January and the whole process should only take a few weeks.

Mr. Straub made a motion that the application is complete and that any waivers of the site plan requirements be approved, second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 4-0

Ms. Breen asked if there if there is a limit of how many harvest can happen on a property. Mr. Parker said that they can continue as long as there is something to harvest, unless within 250 ft. of wetlands, etc.

Mr. Spencer mad a motion to approve the application, second by Mr. Gove. VOTE: 4-0

MSP 16-002: Application for Inn @ 224 Main Street Map 28 Lot 141 (Jim Flynn-Great Works Properties)

Applicant has submitted application for renovation and improvements for an Inn at 224 Main Street. The plan is for 21 rooms but the ordinance calls for 19.

Ms. Connor suggested an ordinance change if this is something that the Planning Board would like to do that. The change would remove suggested # of rooms allowed and would focus more on what parking is available.

Mr. Straub wanders if some number should be still in the ordinance, just so that someone with a hotel could not come in and just under the definition call it an Inn. Ms. Connor suggested that they could make the Hotel definition more stringent.

Mr. Flynn provided a brief overview of the project to the Planning Board.

The application as presented does not meet standards.
Mr. Straub made a motion to consider definition of Inn and move that language for purpose of public hearing, second by Mr. Gove. VOTE: 4-0 (motion passes)

Public Hearing will be on December 21, 2016.

OLD BUSINESS: Outlook Golf Course: MSP #14-001 – 25 unit subdivision Portland and Dawson
Mr. Wood explained that they have been waiting for DEP Permit and DOT and Army COE permits. All have been received and are before the Planning Board. Applicant is seeking PB approval and signatures on Mylars.

Mr. Straub asked about one of the sheets was eliminated (Sheet #3) but unfortunately now the match lines don’t match up with that sheet missing now. He also stated that on Sheet #3 there is a big circle around station #8, he would like to know what that is for. Mr. Wood explained that it is probably an old catch basin, they will remove it from plans. Also next to that circle there is a water line, is it single? Mr. Wood stated that it is one water line. Mr. Straub asked that be corrected. Next on Sheet #4 and #7, why is there a big heavy line around certain lines, what is it. Mr. Wood said that it is limit of disturbance, Mr. Straub asked that it be labeled in the plans or be removed. Mr. Wood would like to remove it.

Other than those minor corrections Mr. Straub agrees that there are no major changes to the plans before them.

Ms. Rawski was concerned and wanted to make sure that it is still 24 units and to make sure that the road is still where it was proposed to be. She also asked about an email she sent to Joe, Kathy and Ken Wood with a list of conditions that she would like to be discussed. She would like something in writing to protect herself.

Copy of roadway agreement that has been notarized and registered with the County was included in the package before the Planning Board.

Ms. Rawski also asked about drainage, water and sewage lines on her property and that they be tied into the new lines built with the development and that not be at her expense. Mr. Wood stated that they would make that a condition of approval.

She also asked about the discussion that the developer would remove the utility pole in front of her house and that they be tied in underground with the expansion of the development. Mr. Wood agreed that can be done as well as cable.

Mr. Straub made a motion to find application complete subject to clarification on the drawing that include sheet references, water line reference and removal of certain lines (as described earlier) be done within one week of tonight and condition of staff review, second by Mr. Gove. VOTE: 4-0 (Application is complete)

Under the Findings of Facts, Mr. Straub would like to add “design is adequate” to F for disposal of waste and sewage and under J he would like “as determined by the Town Manager and Public Works Director” for determination of amount.

Under Conditions of Applications:
#3: Mr. Straub would like to add that the Town has the option to hire a Third Party engineer to review and inspect the project if necessary. (add this as item #3 and change numbers accordingly)
#11: Mr. Straub wants to know what if the HOA does not do this? He suggests that Ms. Connor add the Town has the ability to take care of it if necessary to prevent unsafe conditions, if the HOA does not do it.
#12: Ms. Connor suggests that PW Director should be assisting with any review/approval of proposed signs.
#15: Mr. Straub suggest that this reflect 125% of the costs of infrastructure improvements as determined by Town Manager and PW Director (to be consistent with item J in Findings of Fact)
#18: Add #18 to include electrical/cable and drainage to Rawski and Chagnon properties
#19: Add #19 to reflect Plan corrections suggested by the Planning Board
Mr. Straub made a motion to accept Findings of Fact and Conditions as modified and summarized by Ms. Connor and subject to final review by Mr. Steinhauer, second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 4-0 (Motion approved)

Mr. Gove made a motion to accept the plan, second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE; 4-0 (Plan is approved)

The Planning Board signed the Mylar for MSP #14-001

Ordinance Review
Mr. Schneider discussed that Berwick Academy is interested in buying the Inn at Academy Street for the purposes of Residential Living. Would use rooms on 1st floor to house up to 8-10 students and then have 1-2 rooms upstairs for staff/adults.

Ms. Connor thinks that introducing a new use (dormitory or residence hall) would be more suitable for this use along with a Table of Use change.

Mr. Straub made a motion to formally consider addition of dormitory or residence hall definition as prepared by Ms. Connor, second by Mr. Spencer. VOTE: 4-0 (motion approved)


Mr. Straub asked that the Planning Board members take the time to think of 1-2 people that they think could be suitable to be on the Planning Board. Mr. Stirling and Ms. Cheslock have resigned and they need new members to be on the Board.

Motion by Mr. Gove second by Ms. Straub to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 9:00 p.m. VOTE: 4-0

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