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Planning Minutes 12/20/2017

Regular Meeting
Date: 12-20-2017
Present: Paul Steinhauer, William Straub, Warren Spencer, Manley Gove, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Paul Schumacher, SMPDC
Mr. Steinhauer called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.
Motion to approve minutes of11/15/17 by Mr. Spencer second by Mr. Gove.  VOTE: 4-0
Jamie Bacon, Great Hill Survey
Michal Kaleta, Lassel Architects
James Flynn, Applicant-Great Works Property
Mike Lassel, Lassel Architects
Larry Fogarty, Fogarty’s Restaurant
#1:           Great Hill Survey Lot Line Adjustment Map 10 Lot 78A & 78P-Roberta Ryan
Proposing a lot line adjustment to existing subdivision on Emerys Bridge Road, to combine some land and carve out a new lot. 
Property has received approval for driveway from Jon St. Pierre.  Mr. Schumacher asked about the conservation land and if it has been modified and that it is part of the covenants/subdivision.
Mr. Straub made a motion to waive the requirements of Section 121-31 for the subdivision, second by Mr. Spencer.  VOTE: 4-0
Mr. Gove made a motion to approve the subdivision modification request, second by Mr. Spencer.  VOTE: 4-0
Mr. Bacon will bring the Mylar to the next meeting for the Planning Board to sign, he will also bring a statement from Mr. St. Pierre that he is ok with the 15 ft. clearance for the driveway.
#2:           The Berwick Inn Map 28 Lot 141-James Flynn
Since the last meeting the applicant needed an easement from the Town to connect the Inn to the parking in the back of the property and they currently have a 16 ft. ROW from Main Street all the way back to designated parking.  Signed agreement has been provided in the package, it was approved at the 12-14-17 Town Council Mtg.
Another issue they have been working on is Stormwater Mgmt for the parking area, and they have been discussing shedding the water into the stream.  Mr. St. Pierre stated that he would like the water treated before it enters the stream and the applicant has recommended using 4 tree boxes to do this.
Mr. Straub suggested that the applicant come up with a plan for replacing the trees between the two parking lots that exist currently.  They will work with Salmon Falls Nursery for a plan.
Mr. Straub made a motion to waive the parking requirements for Section 140-24.K regarding total parking spots proposed on configuration of existing spots, second by Mr. Spencer.  VOTE: 4-0
Mr. Straub made a motion to find the application complete and move to schedule a Public Hearing, second by Mr. Gove.  VOTE: 4-0
Mr. Straub would like the email about parking during construction from the Town Clerk be provided to the Board and be part of the record.
#3:           Fogarty’s Restaurant Expansion-Map 30 Lot 18
Mr. Fogarty discussed the building as it exists with Lassel Archtiects to make the building more efficient. 
Mr. Lassel will work with Kathy and Joe and plan to come back to Planning Board by early February.
Motion by Mr. Gove and second by Mr. Spencer to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 8:22 p.m.  VOTE: 4-0
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