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Planning Minutes 12/21/16-Reg Mtg

Regular Meeting
Date: 12-21-2016
Present: Paul Steinhauer, William Straub, Manley Gove, Joseph Rousselle, CEO and Kathy Connor, SMPDC

Absent: Warren Spencer

Mr. Steinhauer called the meeting to order at 6:44 p.m.

Motion to table minutes of 12/7/16 until next Planning Board Mtg.

Tim Flynn



OLD BUSINESS: Ordinance Review
Proposed to remove number from definition or change definition to 25 rooms or fewer?

Mr. Straub asked is we took out the number what are the restrictions on an inn and Ms. Connor explained that it would be parking and the zoning requirements.

Mr. Straub made a motion to recommend to Town Council that definition of Inn be altered to “25 or fewer sleeping rooms”, second by Mr. Gove. VOTE: 3-0

Mr. Flynn asked about how the process proceeds from here. Ms. Connor will take the information to Town Clerk and have it placed on the Town Council Agenda.

Mr. Straub asked if members of the Planning Board if they are in favor of creating this use in Town. The Board is in favor of this use.

Mr. Straub would like the definition to include “at least one live in adult supervisor”.

Ms. Connor stated that parking is one space per sleeping room; other examples in Maine have much larger parking lots for this situation. There are 6 sleeping rooms currently and 11 parking spaces at the proposed site.

Mr. Straub made a motion to forward this proposed definition of Dormitory/Residence Hall to Town Council with addition of adult resident supervisor, and move to recommend that article 5 include parking recommendation for this use and modify Table A to include this use in those circumstances, second by Mr. Gove. VOTE: 3-0

Ordinance Review: Chapter 121: Subdivision of Land/Sketch Plans:
Ms. Connor pointed out that the current ordinance does not include a definition of purpose of the ordinance, so she included one for the Planning Board to review; she also removed site inspection (this is not the correct place for that) and under submissions she feels that the plan needs to be submitted before the site walk.

Mr. Steinhauer had a question about 121-8 A and submittal of 10 copies of Sketch Plan shall be submitted “at time of or prior to site inspection” has been removed and he wonders if it should be added back in and Ms. Connor explained that the schedule is published each year so it is not necessary to include that here.

Motion by Mr. Gove, second by Mr. Straub to adjourn the Regular Meeting at 7:43 p.m. VOTE: 3-0

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