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Public Hearing 09/26/2017

South Berwick Town Council
Public Hearing
Chapter 121 Subdivision of Land
September 26, 2017
Vice Chairman John Kareckas opened the hearing at 6:05pm.  Councilors present included John James and Laura Leber.  Town Manager Perry A. Ellsworth was also in attendance.  Russell Abell and Thomas Chase were not present.
The purpose of the hearing was to receive public comment on the proposed amendments to Chapter 121 Subdivision of Land, Articles I through VI, specifically sections #7 Performance Guaranties, Definitions, #12 Minimum Statutory Requirements, Sketch Plan, Preliminary Plan, and Final Plan.  The changes are intended to clarify and make it easier for the Planning Board, Code Enforcement Officer, and applicants to understand the subdivision process.  The changes will also align the Subdivision Ordinance with the way the Town prefers to process subdivision applications and their associated performance guaranties.
Mr. Kareckas commented that the proposed changes are simply housekeeping changes to clean up the ordinance as a result of the workshop help with the Planning Board in August.  He then read a synopsis of the proposed changes as drafted and dated August 30, 2017.
There was only one person in the audience and he had no questions.
Mr. Ellsworth made note that the workshop with the Planning Board on August 30th was podcast and is available for viewing. 
The hearing was closed at 6:14pm.
Barbara Bennett, CCM