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Town Council Public Hearing 01/10/2017

South Berwick Town Council
Public Hearing
Chapter 121 Subdivision of Land
Chapter 140 Zoning
January 10, 2017

Chairman Russell H. Abell opened the hearing at 6:32pm.  Councilors present included John C. Kareckas, John James, Laura Leber, and Thomas Chase.  Town Manager Perry A. Ellsworth was also in attendance.

The purpose of the hearing was to receive public comment on the proposed amendments to Chapter 121 Subdivision of Land, §5 Fees and Chapter 140 Zoning, §9 Definitions, §24 Off Street Parking and Loading, and Land Use Table A.

Mr. Abell gave an overview of the proposed changes:  Chapter 121-5 adjusts the fees charged for plans submitted to the Planning Board.  Chapter 140-9 adds a definition of dormitory or residence hall, increases the number of sleeping rooms allowed (19 to 25) in the definition of an inn, 140-24 sets a minimum parking space requirement for dorms/residence halls (1 space per sleeping room), and Table A adds dorm/residence hall to the table in certain districts.

Mr. Kareckas sited each change by chapter and section number.

Nina Mauer, Academy St, asked how many students are allowed in a dorm.  She added that nothing in the proposed language mentions a number or a ratio of adults to students.

Greg Schneider, Academy St, commented that the proposal to convert the Academy Street Inn into a dorm would allow for a capacity of 10-12.  The intent is to have 2 adults in the dorm.

The hearing was closed at 6:45pm.


Barbara Bennett, CCM