About South Berwick

South Berwick, Maine
A Small Town Vignette

Oh! Weary travelers and residents too…. 
Stop in stay awhile and explore…. or start anew,
Now….. I will tell you what to do,
South Berwick you should stop on in and you will find
a small town feel of yesteryear left behind,
The old storefronts, Engrain, Mercantile, Nature’s Way too,
They will all make you feel so brand new,
South Berwick Library over on Young,
Cozy up in the converted church, 
Go up on the mezzanine to find your perch,
Cross the square and have some fun…..
Educate your kids at Central School,
That is where they will learn the golden rule!
Built in 1925, watch this school come alive!
Explore Sarah Orne Jewett’s home before the day is done,
Now onto Odd Fellow’s Tavern for some cocktails and fun,
If you stay over…….. Stage House Inn is the one,
Al fresco lunch at Dufour, another cocktail do I say more?
Or maybe over to Lee Frank’s door…..
The four seasons in this town, wonderful things can be found,
Powderhouse House Hill flying down in sleds and skis abound,
You ask, “What else is in this town?”
Home for the Holidays we light it up,
Onto… Witchtrot Road where tails of ghosts and goblins could creep up,
In the fall, Pumpkintown Run is all the fun, get ready for this run,
Or up to Emery’s Bridge to the end, turn onto Ogunquit Road around the back way 
And back again,
You will see my friend, 
South Berwick has much more in store for you to see,
Maybe this is not your cup of tea,
But if you ask me,
This town of South Berwick is where you’ll want to be,
The last Saturday in the month of June,
We celebrate these craft tycoons,
We have Strawberry Festival for and a tasty delight,
Have you ever explored Mount Agamenticus for a hike?
Or been to Cumbie’s at night?
The Counting House or B.A. Won’t you venture here on your way,
Play a round of golf at Outlook today…. 
Relax at the Tavern when it rains,
Have a classic ice cream down on lower Main,
You'll stumble upon Fogarty’s a town icon remains,
Maybe you’ve been in South Berwick after all,
Or maybe your first time,  you seek it all, or your first
Fall… Don’t you want to experience it all?
South Berwick will always live in your heart wherever you go,
All these things to see will let you know,
This is the place to go,
O’ weary traveler and residents don’t you see,
This is why South Berwick is so special to me.

Written byGregory Ouellette
Resident of South Berwick from 1976-2022 

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