Memorial Bench Program

Come and take a stroll around downtown to enjoy the granite and wood benches that have been purchased to honor various individuals and groups. The benches are a pleasant reminder of special people and groups that are a part of our Town and its history.

If you or your organization are interested in participating in this program, please email or call the Executive Assistant, Dawn Moreau at (207) 384-3017 for information on pricing and available spaces in the Town.

Town Hall
Violet Dorr & Ralph Buck
William O’Brien
Edgar Hussey
Dolly Messier
Rollinsford- South Berwick Lions Club
Harold Kenney
Dennis Smith
Gloria Roberge
Coffin Brothers (Melvin, Frank, George & Herbie)
Corner of Main Street & Paul Street
Donald Boston
Ruth Boston
Corner of Main Street at Sarah Orne Jewett
St. John’s Masonic Lodge
Order of the Eastern Star
Sarah Orne Jewett House
James McMurrer III
Marjorie Boston Allen
Aimee Schramm
Gloria Miniutti, MD
Harold & Dorothy Perkins
Community Center
Albert & Irene Salvas
Jerry Desrochers
Central School
R. Schuyler
Strawberry Festival
William Wilkinson
Greta Benoit
Nancy Spaulding
Rich Hersom
Helen Brooks Chesley
Federated Church
Alden & Marigold Campbell
Olive “Tommie” Colburn
Counting House Museum
Freeman & Eleanor Smith
Counting House Park
Charles V. Warren
Charles H. Spencer
Abigail L. Becker
Ernest & Susan Perkins
Harold K. Joy
Woodvil E. Perkins
Jennifer Leathers Hehre
Main Street near P. Gagnon & Sons
James R. Lee
Joy Park
Wayne Conklin
Marshwood High Baseball Field
Walter & Beverly Fredrickson
Marshwood High Soccer Field
Jeremy Trepp