Code Enforcement

Jeni McCabe 
Code Enforcement Officer, Licensed Plumbing Inspector & Health Officer

Madeleine Aubin
Code/Planning Administrative Assistant


CEO Office is open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays 8am to 4pm
Closed for lunch 12:00-12:30
Mondays by appointment only

Contact: Call or Text

Jenifer McCabe
(603) 822-6274

The office is located on the second floor of the Town Hall.  We process Building Permit Applications, Plumbing Permit Applications as well as Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Applications.  Please allow up to 7 days for application review.  All permits must be paid for within 60 days of issuance, or permits will be considered null and void.  Permits are valid for one year, but with substantial start, can be extended.  

This position holds many responsibilities as well as enforcing the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. She is also the building inspector and Plumbing Inspector, and she evaluates building plans and issues necessary permits.  

Building Permit Fees

Category Cost Category Cost
All New Residential Structures (to include homes & addition to living areas) $0.50 per sq ft Demolition of Buildings $100
All Unfinished Accessory Residential Structures (including decks, porches, garages, barns, & sheds) $0.25 per sq ft Special Use Permit
Minor Home Occupation
All Others

Swimming Pools (must be fenced)

Minimum Permit Fee $25
Commercial/Retail (per story) $0.30 per sq ft Renovation $9 per $1,000 of Construction Costs
Institutional $0.50 per sq ft Decks and Porches $0.28 per sq ft
Industrial $0.50 per sq ft Telecommunication Structures $6 per $1,000 of Construction Costs
Home Occupation or Replacement


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  • Building Permit Application
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  • Information Request Form
    document Header Information Request Form
  • Major_Minor Site Plan Review Application
    document Header Major_Minor Site Plan Review Application
  • Minor Home Occupation Application
    document Header Minor Home Occupation Application
  • Open Town Road/Street Application
    document Header Open Town Road/Street Application
  • Plumbing Permit Application
    document Header Plumbing Permit Application
  • Pool Installation Guidelines
    document Header Pool Installation Guidelines
  • Private Road Name Application
    document Header Private Road Name Application
  • Reflective Address Marker Order Form
    document Header Reflective Address Marker Order Form
  • Road Entrance Application
    document Header Road Entrance Application
  • Shoreland Zoning Map
    document Header Shoreland Zoning Map
  • Timber Harvesting Application
    document Header Timber Harvesting Application
  • Zoning Chart Table A,  Land Use
    document Header Zoning Chart Table A,  Land Use
  • Zoning Chart Table B,  Dimensional Requirements
    document Header Zoning Chart Table B,  Dimensional Requirements
  • Zoning Map
    document Header Zoning Map
  • Zoning Table C,  Shore Land Zone Dimensional Requirements
    document Header Zoning Table C,  Shore Land Zone Dimensional Requirements