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Heather Stanley
Tax Assistant
Direct Phone:    
(207) 384-3036
Alternate Phone:    
(207) 384-3006

For questions and up-to-date information on Tax Bills, Payments, Balances, and the Tax Club, please use the email below.  We do our best to respond to all emails within 24 hours.


For questions regarding your Property Valuation and Exemptions, or to change your mailing address, please contact the Assessing Office.

2024 Tax Year

Tax Bill covers Fiscal Year July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024
Assessment Date: 4/1/2023
Commitment Date: 8/8/2023
Due Dates: 9/30/23 & 3/31/24
Tax Rate: $13.96/$1,000
Certified Ratio: 100%
Interest Rate: 8%
Abatement Deadline: 2/10/2024

Outstanding Tax Balances

Can be accessed on the Assessing page under Related Information- Assessing Data where you will directed to the search page to access outstanding tax amounts and assessment information for all properties in the Town of South Berwick.  Once the proper account is located, click on View to access the property information.

Outstanding Tax Balances* 
Outstanding tax amounts can be found at the bottom of the page under the heading Tax Detail.  If there is no Tax Detail section at the bottom, the property taxes have been paid in full.  Original tax amounts can be found by viewing the tax bill, which can be found in the Tax Bills section below.

Tax balances are updated each night. 
Please allow one business day for payments to be reflected on accounts.

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