Tax Bills & Payments


Tax bills for the 2016 tax year through the present are now available for viewing and printing from the PDF files found below.  These files contain tax bills for all of the properties in South Berwick in a particular tax year.  

Because the documents are so large, we advise that you follow the directions below to locate and print your bill:

  • Select the PDF for the tax year you would like to view or print.
  • Hold down the Ctrl and the F key at the same time.  The Find box will appear in the upper right corner. 
  • You may search by Name, Account Number, Address or Map-Lot.
  • Once you have located the page you would like to print, right click on that page, and then select the Print option.  Under Pages to Print, select CURRENT PAGE.  Each PDF file contains roughly 3400 pages of tax bills that will print if you do not make this selection.



This link will direct you to the website, which processes the Town’s online property tax payments.  

If you are paying your tax bill using our online service, you will need the following information to do so: 

  • Tax Account Number -- This number is located just below the mailing address on your Tax Bill.  A copy of your Tax Bill can be found below.
  • Tax Amount Due* -- If you are making your payment on or before the due date, and you have not had any previous late payments, your amount due can be found on your Tax Bill.  *Please contact our office for an accurate balance if you are making your payment after the due date, or if you have past-due amounts.  Interest accrues daily on all past-due balances, and your tax account will not be paid in full if all amounts are not paid.
  • Credit or Debit Card -- Please be aware that there are fees involved when paying your taxes with a credit card.  The fee for each transaction varies depending on the amount of your payment.  Transactions up to $40 have a $1 processing fee, while a transaction over $40 has a 2.5% processing fee.  All fees are clearly displayed before completing the payment process, which gives you an opportunity to decide whether or not you would like to continue with your online payment.  We are unable to process payments via electronic check at this time.  As always, you can mail a check to Town of South Berwick, 180 Main Street, South Berwick, Maine 03908, or come visit us in the Business Office.   

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