Legal Notices

The Town of South Berwick will start to post legal notices below, which will be posted in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top.  We will also continue to post them in the local newspapers (List of newspapers).

If you have any questions regarding these notices, please contact the Town Clerk, Tyanne Giambusso.

6/25/2024 Public Hearing Vehicles and Traffic - Ordinance 130-8 & 130-13
6/11/2024 Town Council Workshop Town Hall Project w/ Oak Point Associates
2/22/2024 Town Council Workshop Town Hall Renovation Interviews
2/21/2024 Town Council Workshop Town Hall Renovation Interviews
12/12/2023 Public Hearing Zoning - Accessory Dwelling Units
12/12/2023 Public Hearing Vehicles & Traffic - fines
09/26/2023 Public Hearing Assessors Lot Merger Policy
09/26/2023 Public Hearing General Assistant Ordinance Appendices
09/19/2023 Public Hearing Sebago Technics Traffic Study
08/03/2023 Stormwater Management Proposed MS4 Stormwater Plan 2023 & Proposed IDDE Program 2023
07/11/2023 Public Hearing Zoning Table A - Municipal Buildings
06/28/2023 Public Hearing Town Hall
05/23/2023 Public Hearing Code Chapters 121 & 140
05/17/2023 School Budget Vote Warrant
05/16/2023 Town Budget Meeting Warrant