Transfer Station

Jeff Mowry

(207) 384-3309

111 Agamenticus Rd South Berwick, ME 03908

Sunday:         7 am to 12 pm
Wednesday: 7 am to 6 pm
Saturday:      7 am to 6 pm
Holidays may affect these hours.
Please check the "Latest News" on the homepage for updates.

No CASH transactions one hour before closing.

Glass Recycling
The glass crushing machine is inoperable due to the lack of replacement parts.
Casella is currently not recycling glass due to not having an available vendor to take it. Until Casella can provide glass recycling services, please continue to clean out your glass and dispose of it in the designated disposal area.

Starting September 1, 2023 Transfer Station stickers will be required by all citizens.

Transfer Station stickers are  available for pickup at the Town Clerk's office.
Stickers will be provided by the town at no charge.
Stickers are to be affixed to the bottom of the passenger side windshield.

The South Berwick solid waste transfer station is operated solely for the benefit of South Berwick residents and/or property owners.
Per Town Code- Chapter 115 Solid Waste subsection 115-4E


There is no other department in Town where residents can have a direct impact on operational costs. Recycling saves valuable resources, reduces operating costs and reduces disposal fees. As markets for recyclables change, the Supervisor may change procedures on how recyclables are handled. Attendants at the Transfer Station are at your service and are here to help. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions or offer comments you may have. For those who make a great effort to recycle, keep up the good work!

Please open the Additional Information links located below for more information.

The Transfer Station Rules require the Town to charge disposal fees on wastes the Town pays extra for and are not included in the tax base. These fees are user fees. Not all residents generate these types of waste and therefore residents are required to "Pay as You Throw." Please check with an attendant to view the complete list of fees. Call or ask an attendant if fees apply before bringing waste to the Transfer Station.

Please follow all the rules at the Transfer Station.

Recycling is only as good as the people recycling it. If done correctly, these efforts will help save the taxpayers money. It is not meant to be an inconvenience.

Please make sure all recyclables are clean and free of debris before bringing these items to the Transfer Station. This CANNOT be done in the parking lot due to safety concerns. 

The metal container is for metal only- make sure to remove all plastic, cloth, and wood from these items before bringing them to the Transfer Station.

The paper container is for paper only- no cardboard is to be placed in these containers.

Rules will be enforced per Town Code- Solid Waste Ordinance (located in the left menu).

NOTICE:  Pay-as-You-Throw bags: small roll $8 and large roll $10.

Household trash must be placed in official Town of South Berwick Blue Bags.
These bags may be purchased at the following locations:

  • South Berwick Town Hall
  • South Berwick Transfer Station
  • Nature's Way Market
  • Kaden's 
  • Cumberland Farms

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