Downtown Revitalization Plan Advisory Committee Needs Your Help!

The Town of South Berwick has set in motion the development of a comprehensive Downtown Revitalization Plan and your input is essential.

Town Manager, Tim Pellerin, explains that the Downtown Revitalization Plan will be drafted to meet the requirements set by the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD). The plan is not just a visionary document but a practical roadmap that positions the Town of South Berwick to seek funding for the implementation of key action items. This plan opens avenues for the town to apply for state and federal grants dedicated to achieving the goals outlined in the plan.

The groundwork for this project was laid with the establishment of the Downtown Revitalization Plan Advisory Committee in October 2023. This committee comprises the Economic & Community Development Director, two Town Council members, and 11 engaged town citizens and business owners. Collaborating with the Town's lead consultant, Jeff Preble of Wright-Pierce, the committee is dedicated to crafting an actionable plan. The vision is to enhance the town's aesthetic appeal, preserve its historic character, improve pedestrian systems, support a diverse economy, and enhance economic viability throughout the year. This strategic initiative aligns with the recently completed Economic Market Analysis, the work to update the Comprehensive Plan, and the impending Sebago Technics traffic study. The anticipated draft plan of the traffic study is expected later this year.

Wright-Pierce, in collaboration with the committee, recently conducted a well-attended public workshop on January 18. The next crucial step in the process is the launch of a survey, open for input until mid-March. The survey aims to capture the diverse perspectives of the community. Paper copies are available in the Town Clerk's office and the South Berwick Public Library.

Following the compilation of feedback from the January 18 workshop and the survey, the project timeline unfolds with another significant event—a Draft Plan Public Workshop scheduled for May 2024. This workshop will provide an opportunity for the community to delve deeper into the evolving plan. The grand finale is slated for September 2024, with the presentation of the Final Plan. This culmination will mark a pivotal moment in South Berwick's journey towards a revitalized, vibrant downtown.

Your feedback is needed now, please complete the following survey: