The York County Emergency Communication Team Is Looking For Volunteers

The York County Emergency Communication Team (YCECT) is looking for volunteers.

Here is an opportunity to use your amateur radio skills, become a ham, or help your
community with your non-radio-related skills.

YCECT is under the direction of the York County Emergency Management Agency

Our mission is to be prepared to provide emergency communication for the YCEMA and
their partners in time of need.

Opportunities for preparation takes the form of weekly radio nets both voice and digital,
monthly in-person meetings, monthly training opportunities, and quarterly drills/

What about training? The operations manual lays out the courses, their order, and
which are required for the various roles. Training largely is comprised of free FEMA
courses, video links, work groups, and the once-per-month in-person gathering at the

We can get you started by buddying you up with a member of the team.

If you are interested contact Neil K1NBT at or for more detailed