KRT Revaluation Staff

KRT staff has resumed data collection in South Berwick from being pulled for the permit pass in other communities.  The are still working in the downtown area and have started working on Fridays.  Postcards have been sent to 749 properties, with 2640 left to do.  The next round of postcards will go out sometime in June and will be properties in the southern portion of the Town.  After the June mailing, the count will be up to 1040 properties, with 2349 left to do.

    1. Anderson Way
    2. Andrews Lane
    3. Black Dog Lane
    4. Blue Heron Lane
    5. Brattle Street
    6. Clarks Lane
    7. Crescent Court
    8. Dover-Eliot Road
    9. Fifes Lane
    10. Flynns Lane
    11. Leos Lane
    12. Lords Lane
    13. Mitchell Lane
    14. Old South Road
    15. Oldfields Road
    16. Quamphegan Road
    17. Roberts Road
    18. Sterling Lane
    19. Waterside Lane