Maine D.O.T. Centerline Rumble Strips

The Maine Department of Transportation has been installing rumble strips on the centerline of roads since 2006. These centerline rumble strips have proven effective both in Maine and nationwide at keeping drivers from crossing the centerline and having a potential head on crash.

The most evident complaint about centerline rumble strips since they began placing them is the noise created when a vehicle runs on them, especially a larger vehicle such as a logging truck or tractor trailer. The safety benefits from the rumble strips, nearly a 90% reduction in fatalities in Maine, caused Maine D.O.T. to study options to limit noise. They will be installing a new centerline rumble strip that  is not as deep as the previous design. It is sinusoidal in shape and still gives us the benefits of alerting the distracted driver without the noise that could be previously heard from vehicles traveling on the centerline.

Current centerline rumble strips will be replaced after completed paving projects.

Centerline rumble strips for South Berwick are planned for later this summer on Route 236, Eliot-South Berwick:
Beginning in Eliot just north of Depot Road and continuing north for 5.52 miles to the 35-mph sign near Marshwood Great Works School in South Berwick.