Town Council Ordinance Work

Current Ordinance Work:

Staff will make every effort to keep this list as up to date as possible.  Information will be added and deleted as necessary.  If you believe something is missing please contact the Clerk at

Date Ordinance/Code Chapter   Actions
05/24/22 Vehicles & Traffic   Added stop signs on Old South
02/08/22 Zoning - Solar Farm Moratorium   Extended to 9/23/22
01/25/22 Active Duty 
Resident Military Excise Exemption Ordinance
Proposed Ordinance  Adopted 2/24/22
01/11/22  Vehicles & Traffic   Install temp stop signs at Pine & Old South, create 3-way stop 
12/28/21 Roads   Accepted Cole Ln
12/28/21  Zoning - Solar Farms    Sent charge to Planning Board 
12/28/21 Fireworks Ordinance   Voted not to pursue 
12/28/21 Personnel Policy - COVID    Adopt
12/28/21 Zoning - Solar Farms    Sent charge to Planning Board 
12/28/21  Excise exemption for resident-military stationed out of state     Discussion 
12/14/21 Medical Marijuana Caregiver Home Occupation Performance  Standards    Discussed charge to Planning Board
12/14/21  Medical Marijuana Caregiver Licensing    Discussed
11/30/21 Medical Marijuana Caregiver Licensing   Joint workshop w/PB 
11/23/21 Medical Marijuana Caregiver Licensing   Discussion
11/23/21 Comp Plan RFP     
11/09/21 Medical Marijuana Caregiver Licensing  Proposed ordinance language Discussed - JK emailed draft language to others
MC recommended wkshp
10/26/21 Town Employees   Resolution - all Town Employees are essential
10/26/21 Medical Marijuana Caregiver licensing   Discussed- JK working on draft ordinance language
10/21/21   Medical Marijuana Caregiver licensing   Discussed 
10/12/21  General Assistance   Adopted annual update 
9/28/21  Medical Marijuana Caregiver licensing    Discussed 
09/28/21 Moratorium Commercial Solar Energy Facilities  Proposed moratorium  Held PH & Adopted as emergency
09/14/2021  Medical Marijuana Caregiver Retail Storefronts   Proposed Council amendments  Adopted as Emergency
Effective immediately
08/24/2021  Medical Marijuana Caregiver Retail Storefronts  Proposed Planning amendments Workshop 9/7 
Set PH date 9/14
08/17/2021  Medical Marijuana Cultivation/Production Adopted amendments Held PH - Adopted
08/10/2021 Medical Marijuana Cultivation/Production Proposed  Discussed 
08/10/2021  Zoning - I1 Zone signage Zoning 140-26  Adopted
07/27/2021 Medical Marijuana Cultivation/Production Proposed Set PH date 8/17/21
07/27/2021 Zoning - I1 Zone signage   Held PH 
07/13/2021 Parks & Playgrounds   Discussion - signs re: firearms possession (inconsistent w/state law)
07/13/21 Medical Marijuana Caregiver licensing   Discussion
06/22/2021  Zoning - I1 Zone signage    Set public hearing date for 7/27/21 
06/09/2021 Medical Marijuana Caregiver Retail Storefronts   Held joint workshop with Planning Board
06/08/2021 Petitions for Adult-Use Marijuana   Referendum vote - both failed
05/25/2021 Medical Marijuana Caregiver Retail Storefronts   Held workshop
05/18/2021 Medical Marijuana Caregiver Retail Storefronts   Agreed to hold a workshop after town budget meeting
04/27/2021 Zoning- I1 signage   Mgr to propose chges to size of signs & off premise signs 
04/13/2021 Medical Marijuana Caregiver Retail Storefronts   Adopted moratorium
Expires 10/10/2021
03/25/2021 Medical Marijuana Caregiver Retail Storefronts  Emergency Moratorium Set public hearing date for 4/13/2021
03/23/2021 Petitions for Adult-Use Marijuana  Citizen Petitions
A- Proposed Ordinance 
B- Proposed Ordinance 
Held joint public hearing with Planning Board 
02/09/2021 Petition Adult-Use Marijuana Cultivation & Products Manufacturing Facilities Initiated by citizen Petition
Proposed Ordinance
Set public hearing date 
for 2/23/2021
02/09/2021 Extend Moratorium Medical Marijuana Cultivation & Production Facilities Moratorium Extended 180 days
Expires 08/20/2021
01/26/2021 Moratorium Medical Marijuana Cultivation & Production Facilities Moratorium Set public hearing date for
12/22/2020 Retail Stores for Adult-Use Marijuana & Zoning 140 Initiated by citizen petition
Proposed Ordinance 
Referendum in June
08/25/2020 Moratorium Medical Marijuana Cultivation & Production Facilities
Expires 2/21/2021
12/22/2020 Medical Marijuana Growth Facilities, Zoning 140
Proposed Ordinance
Sent to PB for review and recommendation
06/09/2020 Shoreland 110 & Zoning 140 Resource Protection Zones  B1 Discussions & set up Ad-Hoc