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The Town of South Berwick is regulated by a general permit through the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) for the discharge of stormwater through its separate storm sewer system (MS4). This is called the MS4 General Permit, and it went into effect in 2003. It required the Town to develop a 5 year plan to protect stormwater from pollution.

In 2022, the MDEP issued its fourth General Permit, and the Town updated its 5-year plan to protect stormwater.

The General Permit and 5-year plan require that the Town continue to map its storm drain system, inspect catch basins and outfalls to make sure there are no pollutants discharging to the Salmon Falls River, Great Works River and small streams. 

Under the 5-year plan, the Town will continue to regulate development to ensure stormwater treatment systems get installed and maintained properly, and the Town will inspect and maintain its own stormwater collection and treatment system. 

Public Education and Participation continue to be important elements.  Previously the Town focused on educating residents about the YardScaping Program, which offers alternatives to applying pesticides and fertilizers on lawns.   You can find more information about the YardScaping program at

Moving forward, the Town will focus on cigarette butt litter reduction and proper pet waste disposal.  The Town is collaborating with 4 other towns on this effort and has posted their progress on the Southern Maine Stormwater Working Group (SMSWG) website:  Visit LitteRadar – SMSWG for more information. 

In addition to Pet Waste and Cigarette Butt litter reduction, the Town offers an annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day in October(Check Transfer Station page for more information.) Never dump your unwanted chemicals into a storm drain or leave them exposed to the weather. Bring your household hazardous wastes in during South Berwick’s Collection Day to protect our local rivers, lakes and bays from polluted runoff.

What are all those markings on our Streets?
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They are there to raise awareness about reducing stormwater pollution of our waters.  These catch basins discharge directly to our water bodies – untreated.  Remember:  Nothing but RAIN down the DRAIN.   

The following items in the drop down menus below are public documents related to the General Permit, including the Town’s 5-year plan and recent annual reports. 

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  • Southern Maine Stormwater Working Group
    document _recordid 418
  • Storm Water Fact Sheet 2023
    document _recordid 275
  • Southern Maine Stormwater Working Group Facebook Page
    document _recordid 69

FORMER (2013) Notice of Intent & 5-Year Plan2 documents

  • Final York County MS4 Stormwater Plan
    document _recordid 71
  • Notice of Intent to comply with Stormwater Discharge
    document _recordid 70


  • 2022 Stormwater Management Plan, updated 8/2023
    document _recordid 420
  • 2022 Stormwater Management Plan, dated 6/13/2022
    document _recordid 277
  • 2022 South Berwick Stormwater Management Plan, dated 8/13/2021
    document _recordid 74
  • 2022 MS4 General Permit Amendment
    document _recordid 73
  • 2022 MS4 General Permit
    document _recordid 72

SMSWG MS4 Annual Reports3 documents

  • 2022-2023 South Berwick MS4 Annual Report
    document _recordid 419
  • 2021-2022 South Berwick MS4 Annual Report
    document _recordid 278
  • 2020-2021 South Berwick MS4 Annual Report
    document _recordid 75