Stormwater & Yardscaping

Jay Redimarker  
Public Works Director
(603) 534-4977

The Town of South Berwick is regulated by a general permit through the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (MDEP) for the discharge of stormwater through its separate storm sewer system (MS4). This is called the MS4 General Permit, and it went into effect in 2003. It required the Town to develop a 5 year plan to protect stormwater from pollution and to educate the public on what they can do to make a difference in stormwater quality.

The Town is currently in its third 5-year plan to protect stormwater.

The Town chose the YardScaping program because it offers homeowners alternatives to applying pesticides and fertilizers to their lawn. Pesticides and fertilizers don’t disappear after they are applied; they run off the surface of the land into local water bodies like the Great Works River and Quamphegan Brook and eventually move on into the Piscataqua Estuary. These contaminants can and do have adverse effects on our children, our pets, and aquatic species.

Even if you do not live near one of these water bodies, chances are the storm drains or ditches outside your home will reach one. At the workshop you will learn about pest control, soil testing, plant and grass seed selection, composting and much more. So, you can make a difference in the health of Piscataqua Bay!

You can find more information about the YardScaping program at

In addition to Yardscaping the Town offers an annual Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day in October. Never dump your unwanted chemicals into a storm drain or leave them exposed to the weather. Bring your household hazardous wastes in during South Berwick’s Collection Day to protect our local rivers, lakes and bays from polluted runoff.
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What are all those markings on our Streets?
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They are there to raise awareness about reducing stormwater pollution of our waters.
Click HERE for more information.
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